ALBUM REVIEW: Corbu – Everything You Imagine Is Real

Originally posted on Noise Cannon: a balance between dreamy symphonies and sharp intergalactic rhythms, Brooklyn band Corbu create a sound that on the surface is relatively simple. Delve a little deeper however and that simple little tune becomes a little more intricate and elusive. Upcoming EPEverything You Imagine Is Real is an array of bouncy synths … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Corbu – Everything You Imagine Is Real

SINGLE REVIEW: Netil – Sweet Teeth

Originally posted on Noise Cannon four piece Netil – named after Hackney venue Netil House – are a band with beguiling vocals that strike a tone reminiscent of your typical 90s rock ballads. In the midst of this familiarity, the fluctuation in guitar melodies kicks their sound into something that is a lot more … Continue reading SINGLE REVIEW: Netil – Sweet Teeth