ALBUM REVIEW: Corbu – Everything You Imagine Is Real

Originally posted on Noise Cannon:

Striking a balance between dreamy symphonies and sharp intergalactic rhythms, Brooklyn band Corbu create a sound that on the surface is relatively simple. Delve a little deeper however and that simple little tune becomes a little more intricate and elusive. Upcoming EPEverything You Imagine Is Real is an array of bouncy synths on top of captivating guitar melodies. Continue reading

SINGLE REVIEW: Netil – Sweet Teeth

Originally posted on Noise Cannon

London four piece Netil – named after Hackney venue Netil House – are a band with beguiling vocals that strike a tone reminiscent of your typical 90s rock ballads. In the midst of this familiarity, the fluctuation in guitar melodies kicks their sound into something that is a lot more current. Their debut single ‘Sweet Teeth’ captures this essence with a blend of throbbing vocals and eclectic instrumentation. Continue reading

Amsterdam pt. 2

Following the day of the amazing library we visited ‘The Eye’, a building holding a film exhibition, which we had in fact intended on going to the day before, we just couldn’t work out how to get there. This time however we managed to find the boat that shuttles to the Eye and back, of course we did get on the wrong one first which took us to some kind of industrial estate. We’ll just call that a little bit of sightseeing though right? Continue reading