ALBUM REVIEW: Johnny Smyth – Jaghana EP

Jaghana kicks off with a mysterious and looming tone, featuring an instrumental intro that progresses into sharper tones accompanied by hazy, barely there vocal tenors. The title track curves through the air and holds a certain sex appeal. It’s almost as if it’s playing hard to get, enticing the listener in to the EP without giving too much away. It’s quite a peculiar thing, to have vocals that are so broadly powerful, yet ring delicately through the ears, and that’s what makes Johnny Smyth’s sound stand out. Continue reading “ALBUM REVIEW: Johnny Smyth – Jaghana EP”


SINGLE REVIEW: Jamie xx – Loud Places (Noise Cannon)

My contribution to the Noise Cannon’s “Noise of the Week/#NOTW” 23/3/15
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Our top noises this week feature a slightly moody dance number from Jamie Smith of the The xx, otherwise known as Jamie xx. If his latest singles are anything to go by, his upcoming album is going to be a blitz of dance energy with everything from grime to soul thrown in there too. If this isn’t your thing, we have the experimental trials of Turnover as they follow the shoegaze trends, creating another track that may well be the soundtrack to your summer. Alternatively, we have a track from We Are Harlot, and despite featuring Danny Worsnop as their front man, they are definitely nothing like Asking Alexandria – take that as you will. Continue reading “SINGLE REVIEW: Jamie xx – Loud Places (Noise Cannon)”

ALBUM REVIEW: Purity Ring – Another Eternity

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Since breaking through with debut album Shrines in 2012, Canadian duo Purity Ring topped the iTunes Electronic chart amongst other praises by NME, Rolling Stone and Pitchfork. Megan James and Corin Roddick have maintained their electronic excellence while pushing a little more for pop with upcoming, self-produced release, Another Eternity. While Shrines was composed with James and Roddick in separate studios, this new album was a much more integrated affair, created with the two together in their birthplace of Edmonton, Alberta. The album boasts a soft, sweet touch of pop with all the dynamic of electronic and individual instrumentalism that gives it that little Purity Ring stamp. Light listening points towardsAnother Eternity as a pop record, yet it’s not all as simple as that.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Ok Go – Hungry Ghosts

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Let’s start with saying that Hungry Ghosts isn’t a bad album – it is surely enjoyable, however, it’s far from remarkable. Music video geniuses they may be, but OK Go are lacking something despite a very busy-sounding album. The irony is almost sickening.

The initial feeling of this album is “Why, oh, why is there so much noise?” With opening track ‘Upside Down & Inside Out’ crashing around and sounding like a scratched record there is a clear attempt at coming across abrasive, however it is perhaps a step too far and leaves you itching to skip to the next song.

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LIVE REVIEW: One Night Only + The Luka State + Akameleon @ The Joiners, Southampton – 04/02/15

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One Night Only have gone through some changes, from new members to a change in their sound and their current tour has got to be the test of it all. Along with The Luka State and Akameleon, the band played the second show of their tour at The Joiners in Southampton.

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Noise Cannon: Noise of The Week (19/01/15 – 09/03/15)


A selection of single reviews from the last Noise of the Week features I wrote for:

19/01/15: RY X – Shortline

Though it’s not brand spanking new, ‘Shortline’ has lingered around this week’s playlists, with a delicate introduction of soft vocals and slow, melodic guitar. Blissfully compelling, this track is pure beauty and elegance, right through to the intense climatic shift in guitar as it gets a little more pronounced, clawing at your ears for the utmost attention. The stark contrast of this manifest of guitar against the ever gentle voice of Ry Cuming is especially spectacular, leaving you more than adequately satisfied.

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LIVE REVIEW: The Weeks @ The Joiners, Southampton – 17/01/15


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Touring across the UK in a string of intimate venues are The Weeks, known for supporting (and sounding like) Kings of Leon. Beginning at The Joiners in Southampton the band brought along with them Nashville six-piece, The Apache Relay. The night was sure as hell full of guitar-centric melodies and grinding bass lines a-plenty – it was a little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll.
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