Favourites || Feb ’16

So a “favourites” post is nothing new. However they are probably one of my favourite things to read/watch, so it only makes sense that I do one, right? Not everything I feature is necessarily going to be brand new. There will be times (like now, for example) where I may just be loving the hell out of something that I’ve had for ages, and that’s okay, because it’s still a favourite at this current time. Also, I apologise for some poop photography, this was shamefully done in a bit of a rush! Okay I’m going to stop messing around and get straight into it…

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Yep. It’s been a while. I KNOW. However I am back to the writing grind, whether I like it or not (as much as I convince myself it’s a chore, I do absolutely love it).

Lately I’ve been tuning into YouTube, whether it’s to watch my friends’ own channels or the likes of Zoella and it reminded me of this here blog. This neglected little site that I intended to put so much effort into, Continue reading