Favourites || Feb ’16

So a “favourites” post is nothing new. However they are probably one of my favourite things to read/watch, so it only makes sense that I do one, right? Not everything I feature is necessarily going to be brand new. There will be times (like now, for example) where I may just be loving the hell out of something that I’ve had for ages, and that’s okay, because it’s still a favourite at this current time. Also, I apologise for some poop photography, this was shamefully done in a bit of a rush! Okay I’m going to stop messing around and get straight into it…

“Liar” Lipstick – Urban Decay £15.50

Right, so this IS a new favourite of mine. I went into Debenhams, not really looking for anything, or so I thought. I found myself looking at lipsticks at the Urban Decay section almost instantly. “Oh nothing in particular”, I say to the lovely assistant when she asked me what I was looking for. “Oh, well, maybe a nude lipstick?”. What I meant to say was definitely. I was absolutely, definitely, without a doubt on the prowl for a decent nude lip colour. At this point I had already swatched Liar on my hand, but I never really know where to go from there. Anyway, after being shown a few, I decided that Liar was in fact the one I was loving. Of course I was easily swayed into buying a lip liner too, because of course, I can’t have my lips not looking plump enough! So I spent some money I shouldn’t have, but I certainly don’t regret it. Although a nude shade, this colour is pigmented with a warm pink colour, making it great for those days where you just need an extra boost to your face, or those nights you want to play it a little more natural. Win-win. Love, love, love it, and get so many compliments when I wear it. BUY IT NOW. (Oh I also booked myself in for a complimentary makeover session, so keep an eye out for that later on!)

Fairy Necklace – Broadstairs Folk Week (Yonks ago) £??

12670128_10153875478107464_378831618316046545_nOkay, so this was the old favourite I was talking about. I may have got it before even hitting double digits, but in the last month it has come back as my go to necklace. It’s a great match for most of my outfits, and it just holds great sentimental value, so I guess it means an awful lot to me. It’s also just a little bit different, and again, one that gets a fair few compliments. I feel good when I wear it, therefore it’s up there with my faves this month.

“Fresher Than You” Tote Bag – Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics £6.95

AAAAAH. I love it. I just love it. It’s cheeky. It’s Lush. It’s a fricking tote bag. These were actually only available at a recent Lush Manager’s Meeting, but my Manager was lovely enough to take requests from us, bringing some of the ‘bathtime realness’ goodies back to the shop. I just think it’s great. Did I mention it was a tote bag? Enough said really. Hopefully they’ll make this kind of thing available to the general public soon.

Emmeline Boots (Cherry Red) – Dr Martens £100

CaptureCan I just scream for this one? I love these a lot. A lot, a lot. They were actually a Christmas present from Tom, but I got them on NYE, and this is my first favourites… and they have to feature somewhere. So I went on and on, and on, and on, and on…and on, about these boots. For months. Then I got them, and kept going on, and on, and on about them. They’re just so ruddy beautiful, and to be honest I can only really count two times that they really hurt my feet. Breaking docs in can be different for everyone though so don’t take my word for it. I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I struggled to take them off most days, not because it was physically impossible, I just didn’t want to part with them, not even to go to sleep. Definite fave.

Jumper – Beatnik Emporium £14

DSC_0822If you live in/near Southampton and love vintage clothes, then Beatnik is the kind of shop for you. I’ve got a fair few bargains there and it’s also the kind of place you can stop and have a chat with the cashier. It’s just a lovely shop all round! This particular purchase was made while doing some poster/flyer distribution for Southampton’s Engine Rooms music venue. I had only gone in to pop some flyers in the shop, but ughh, their jumpers were just crying out to me. In the end I went for this little beauty, it was colourful enough, but also subtle enough, if that makes sense? Yes? Who even cares, it’s just so damn cosy, I love oversized jumpers, but occasionally I go a bit overboard and end up drowning in them. This one however is pretty much the perfect size, slightly longer sleeves then I need, perfect for curling up with a good book and a cup of…

“Special Blend Builder Grey” Tea – Lucy Rose £7

DSC_0836Right. Think of your average merch stand at a gig. Posters. CDs. Tees. BUT TEA?! As in, “milk and two sugars please” tea?! Okay, so I know Don Broco have had their “Brewco” coffee for a little while now. Nevertheless, this presence of tea was so bizarre, yet it was something I had to buy, even just to say I bought some tea off Lucy Rose. The thing is, it tastes bloomin’ incredible. It’s apparently 2 parts English Breakfast, 1 part Earl Grey. Perfect. Earl Grey tea is one of those things I’ve always wanted to like, but it’s just that bit too fragrant for my liking. Lucy Rose’s tea though? Spot. On. I’m not going to pretend to be a master of tea flavours here, but it’s got a strong flavour with a sweet note. Mmm, yes, indeed. Lucy even leaves a little recommendation to “drink morning, noon and night with a gingernut biscuit to dunk”. Lovely. The only problem is that I am stuck in a rut of wanting to drink it all the time but wanting to never run out. Limitless tea next please?

“Ultra Blush Palette Golden Sugar” – Makeup Revolution £6


It looks beautiful and it most certainly won’t break the bank. It’s such a steal I can barely believe it. I use this for my everyday make up and even though I have a separate highlight palette from Revolution I’ve mostly just used this one. There’s a couple of brown shades you can use for contouring, but me being me, I just chuck whatever shade I’m feeling wherever I want and hope for the best. I just wish they named the individual shades, but yeah, “that pink blushy one” and “the highlight one” will do. I do however, love the huge mirrors in the Revolution palettes. Super handy.

“Heaven and Earth” Palette – MUA £4


This is one that I got for Christmas, but didn’t really reach for until this month. Turns out January missed out on some good make up. I’m not saying it’s necessarily the best, but I’ve definitely used this palette more than any other eye colour this month. Where they out do Revolution by naming their shades (even if it is on the base), they do lose a point for not having a mirror. Not that it really matters seeing as I carry that Rev one with me most days anyway. The main shades I go for are Aurora (top left colour, used for brow highlights), Myan Dust (fourth colour along the top row, used for eyelid base), Amber Dune (second along the bottom row, used for shading) and Canyon (fifth along bottom row, used for shading). It’s great to just add a little bit of depth to your eyes without being too out there. I dunno, it’s subtle and I like that, especially when I tend to go for a bold wing with…

“They’re Real” Push Up Liner – Benefit £18.50

14444Now, eyeliners are a tricky one. I tend to get used to one kind, and be too scared to try anything else. So when I got this for Christmas I was like WOW, okay, so a new eyeliner, from Benefit – I definitely have to try it, but I’m nervous about it. After fighting some battles I have to say that I absolutely love it. It takes a fair bit of practice and even now I have those days where it does frustrate me, but I think that’s just the nature of eyeliner. It’s bold, beautiful and really long lasting.

“Motto” Brow Cake – Illamasqua £17.50

I’ve been oh so faithful to my Rimmel brow pencil for so long now, that trying something else seemed a bit scary, and even a little…dirty?! Sorry Rimmel but I’ve found a new love. This was actually something my friend Lex ordered in the January sales, and I’ll admit, I’m easily influenced by others when it comes to make up. So when I went to London and found this still in the sale, I had to pick it up. It looks soooo grey, which is the most daunting thing, and though I’m still finding my way with it (yet to be a brow Goddess) I really do love it. I use the 202 Angled Liner from the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection to apply this (which by the way works a charm, thanks for recommending AND buying that for my birthday Lex).

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