Favourites || May ’16

First of all, apologies for how late this post is…at least it’s just about within the first week of June, right? I had initially started this post with a much longer list, but by the time I got through them I realised that it was mostly just a list of all the things I bought/enjoyed throughout the month so I narrowed it down to the following items that really stood out. Just imagine that I was listening to Iggy Pop’s Post Pop Depression album with each item, because that was most likely the case. I tell you what I’ll feature one of my favourite songs from the album at the end, enough said.

Primark “Boyfriend” Jeans


For the first time in years I bought some jeans that aren’t skinny. Also from Primark. I don’t normally get on with Primark jeans all that much to be entirely honest but I think it must be to do with their skinny range. It’s just not the right fit, however their boyfriend jeans are currently one of my favourite items of clothing. They look super casual, but also a little bit trendy, so I can be comfy and ‘cool’ all at the same time. Winner. I’ve just got to make sure I don’t wear them to my Nan’s place because she’s not really a fan of the ripped jeans look, something my sister has learned the hard way…

Jo Malone – White Jasmine and Mint

-via Buzzfeed

That’s why.

This month saw me spend a fair bit of money, but you know what, I felt like crap and contrary to belief, money can indeed buy happiness. At least to a degree. I had actually been eyeing up Jo Malone’s Wood Sage and Sea Salt perfume for quite some time and expected to go straight in for that one. However when I got there I decided to have one more little look at the others – I mean for £42 I wanted to be sure. That’s when I stumbled upon the very fresh, very green, White Jasmine and Mint scent. Now I’m a bit wary of Jasmine, mostly because of Lush’s ‘Lust’ perfume in the Gorilla range, that is a strong pong. This scent however is much lighter and perfect for Summer with its cool aroma. This perfume is the kind that’s a little more money than I’d normally spend, but I do think it’s a reasonable price. I’ve already got a load of perfumes from Lush, so spending more money on something a little different was not a problem at all. This is my special occasion, treat yo self, feel better, gift to myself. I love love love it. Also worth mentioning is their customer service. I was served by a lovely lady named Patsy, who informed me of the new perfumes and their concepts. She also booked me in to have a hand and arm massage in a couple of weeks to try out more of their products and learn more about the company. Can’t wait!

Strawberry Notebook


HELLA CUTE. That’s all I can say. Obviously it’s from Paperchase, where else would I get my stationery? Did I need another notebook? Not even a little bit. However as this one is a little smaller, I’m planning on keeping it in my bag, ready to jot down ideas if and when I get them on the go. Sure my phone is great for note-keeping too, but have you seen how cute this book is?! On top of that it’s a nice way of keeping all my notes together. I probably use my phone mostly for quick snippets but this book will feature something a little more detailed for times when I’m on the train or on a coffee break from a visit to town. I especially like that it’s got two bookmark ribbons and a little pocket at the back, perfect for any loose bits of paper/tickets I may need for the day.

Lush Smuggler’s Soul Range


Why is it that whenever Lush bring out a limited edition product, it’s one of the best things they’ve ever done?! I’m all for there being a Father’s Day range, especially when it hasn’t really been thought about too much before, but it is sooooo frustrating to find a great new product and be unsure of how long it’s going to stick around. As well as a bath bomb, bubble bar and soap, Lush have created a multipurpose cream (yep, suitable for head to toe moisturising – even in the hair!), a facial scrub using bamboo stem extract as the exfoliating agent (#banthebead) and a conditioner shampoo bar – all with the fragrance of their sandalwood perfume, Smuggler’s Soul. It is a bunch of soothing, woody goodness and I can’t get enough of it. I anticipated my love for the shampoo bar as soon as I heard rumours of such wonderful products, but I didn’t expect to be so swayed by the two skincare products. Try it while you can because they may not be around forever, I mean, we’re all begging for it to stay, but if it’s anything like the super popular Christmas shower gel, Snow Fairy, then we can expect it to be taken off the shelves in the next few weeks. Of course, their sweet maize and polenta facial cleanser, Let The Good Times Roll was only supposed to be a Christmas product but after a lot of love from a lot of customers it soon returned to the shelves as a permanent addition to the family. I really hope this happens with the Smuggler’s Soul range as there is nothing quite like it, particularly with the scrub and cream. The scrub has a texture unlike anything else in the shop, if anything it’s like Let The Good Times Roll and creamy beard wash Kalamazoo have had a baby. As for the cream, it’s super light and absorbent, making for a great moisturiser for those impatient people like me who can’t be bothered to wait an age for it sink in.

Lush Princess Dusting Powder


Around the middle of May I went to London (you can read about it here), which of course meant I popped into the Oxford Street Lush to bask in all the glory of their exclusive products. Now I’d like a round of applause for the amount of self control I displayed while in there – I had just received the deposit from my old place that morning, but I managed to keep my spending to a minimum, buying only a shampoo bar, lip balm and of course, their Princess dusting powder. The purpose of this product is similar to talc – to soak up any excess moisture from body lotions. The great thing about the Lush dusting powders is that they come in different scents, meaning you can layer up on fragrances, blending each one with different lotions and perfumes. This one is particular has a sweet and fresh violet scent to match their Princess Cottongrass perfume (available in Oxford Street, Poole and the Gorilla perfume store in Islington) which is one of my new favourites. I think it may also layer up quite nicely with my Jo Malone perfume to highlight the greener notes. I sometimes use the powder on its own just for a quick freshen up and I think it has a tiny bit of lustre in it too so I can sparkle all the livelong day like the true Princess I am.

Urban Outfitters Cactus Print Bag


Okay so I’ve followed the cactus trend, I’m a sucker for anything with some cacti on them, I also got some cactus pyjamas from Primark that are cute as heck. But I think this is a more practical item. Lately I seem to have been more organised when it comes to filling my bag with day to day essentials, and it all comes down to this cactus print pouch/bag type thing. By keeping all my essentials in a small compartment that can fit into most of my bags (and I like to change my bag a fair bit), I keep all my little bits and pieces together, so that transferring them over to a new bag is easily done in one quick sweep. Did I mention how cute it is as well? It’s basically what I keep any chewing gum, make-up bits to top up with, tissues, paracetamol, tweezers, sanitary towels…that kinda thing. Basically anything I might need at any given moment, whether it’s for me or if I’m helping a fellow girl in need. I don’t know what it is but I’ve suddenly hit the level of adult mode whereby you start to think of what others around you might need at any moment, which makes me feel pretty darn successful (at least for those few minutes in which I can say “yes of course I have some ‘…’ that you can have/use/borrow). Also…CUTE.

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