Synaesthesia || Lush Spa

It’s been a fair few months since I had my first ever spa experience, (let alone a Lush Spa) and I think I ought to finally tell you about it all.

5th April 2016

It’s a sunny day in Poole, the Dorset town in which Lush was born 21 years ago. Its quaint little high street, matched with the stunning quays make for the perfect back drop for the most relaxing day of my life. The time between my train arriving and my treatment beginning offers me the opportunity to explore Poole, and take in its peaceful energy, yet there’s that little bit in the back of mind that’s anxious about the idea of a full body massage. Is it going to be weird? Am I wearing appropriate pants?

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Jaws – Simplicity || VH Album Review

I recently reviewed the new JAWS album for Vulture Hound and I absolutely loved it. Simplicity is a great step forward from their debut, an appropriate amount of change without straying too far from their roots. It was also nice to get a physical copy sent in the post, even if it arrived way after I got the review published. Never mind though, it all worked out in the end! I definitely urge you to check out the album if you’re into the whole indie/chill-wave/alt-rock shabang.

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