DIY Quartz Necklace

So I treated myself to a selection of crystals a few months back and decided I wanted to be able to wear my Quartz point on a chain. I had seen various methods of doing so but using some wire seemed like the most easy and secure way for me to achieve my necklace. Continue reading “DIY Quartz Necklace”

ALBUM REVIEW: Lucky Elephant – The Rainy Kingdom

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lucky_elephant_-_the_rainy_kingdom-e1408545337293Lucky Elephant are a quartet hailing from London, Bradford and France. The Rainy Kingdom was inspired by Ken Ashton’s 1972 TV documentary We Was All One, which looked upon the dismantling of the Cockney way of life via the transferring of habitants from slums to tower blocks. The band’s relationship with this London life hugely led the way of this melancholic album, in particular homing in on the documentary’s focus on the Old Kent Road (which just so happens to be the title of the opening track which was graced with the Q Magazine’s approval as track of the day). Continue reading “ALBUM REVIEW: Lucky Elephant – The Rainy Kingdom”

SINGLE REVIEW: High Tyde – Karibu

Brighton boys High Tyde are set to release their latest single ‘Karibu’ on July 14th two weeks after the release of the track’s new music video this Monday (June 30th).

The video follows the lads enjoying the sun and sea on a day out in their hometown with various people holding up placards that read the song’s lyrics, offering the feeling of community and everyone being in it together. Along with the catchy tune it ensures that those words stick firmly in your head.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Yip Deceiver – Medallius

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YipDeceiver-Medallius-CoverMedallius is the debut album from Davey Pierce and Nicolas ‘Dobby’ Dobbratz, otherwise known as Yip Deceiver. The dance duo developed and recorded the diverse sound in their home state Georgia, and though having been released in America last September, the album is due to make its UK debut here in July.

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ALBUM REVIEW: PAWS – Youth Culture Forever

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Scottispawsh trio PAWS are touring like crazy with a number of UK shows started in Leeds on 26th May, and amongst these shows the band will also release their energetic and emotionally driven album Youth Culture Forever on 2nd June. The album was recorded in Upstate New York for FatCat Records, and though maintaining the same dreary vocals throughout it certainly grabs your attention back with kicky jams and dreamy melodies.

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ALBUM REVIEW: The Horrors – Luminous

I wrote this piece for a uni project in which we worked in groups to create a special themed magazine. Our theme was British and I chose The Horrors’ latest album to feature as my lead review.

Dubbing The Horrors as an indie rock band always seems to be the sloppy effort of an ignorant listener when really, the Southend five-piece are a rich blend of genres ranging from dream pop to post punk and shoegaze.  Their latest release Luminous is most probably the greatest balance of all these with a selection of mushy vocals floating delicately on the surface of dynamic instrumentation. Continue reading “ALBUM REVIEW: The Horrors – Luminous”

ALBUM REVIEW: Liars – Mess

I wrote this review as part of Southampton Solent’s ‘Magazine In a Day’ challenge. The whole Popular Music Journalism course were invited to create an Underground special edition of the uni’s Audio Addict magazine that would go live online later that night. The end result can be seen here:
We also recorded a podcast in which you can hear discussions of Underground music as well as some of the writers (including me) talking about the pieces they wrote. You can listen to the podcast here:

1554367_10152197133349245_691751966_n With flashy LA Art School backgrounds and six previous albums under their belt, New York based trio Liars’ refusal to be categorised is still going strong with latest album Mess. Doting on electronics since their name-making debut in 2001, Liars have never been ones to shy away from criticism of their experimental ways. This album highlights the band continuing to push boundaries in order to create something original with house and industrial influences. Continue reading “ALBUM REVIEW: Liars – Mess”

ALBUM REVIEW: Yellow Ostrich – Cosmos

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Yellow-Ostrich-CosmosNew York indie rockers Yellow Ostrich have applied their guitar driven melodies in new album Cosmos which is out May 5th. Prior to the writing of the album singer/guitarist Alex Schaaf occupied his time in Brooklyn engrossed in the study of astronomy while drummer Michael Tapper undertook a sailing trip from Mexico to Hawaii. With these two influences in play Cosmos reflects the ideals of both shutting yourself away from the world as well as venturing on to new ground. Soft tones lend the feeling of shutting yourself out from the world and floating in your own personal bubble while the slightly more aggressive beats and guitar melodies offer the buzz of first hand discovery. Continue reading “ALBUM REVIEW: Yellow Ostrich – Cosmos”

ALBUM REVIEW: Morain – Worlds Apart EP

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a3883631858_10English four-piece Morain are about to deliver new EP Worlds Apart, a project that the band started in August with the help of producer Roni Szpakowski. After supporting Canterbury, filling out London venues, and the success of previous EP Are We Lost, expectations for Morain’s latest release are pretty high. The EP, set to show off the band’s refined brand of ‘expansive pop rock’, most certainly does not disappoint. Continue reading “ALBUM REVIEW: Morain – Worlds Apart EP”