Why You Should Care About… Rosenblume

Originally posted on Noise Cannon: http://noisecannon.com/2015/04/16/why-you-should-care-about-rosenblume/

Here we have Daniel ‘Rosenblume’ Ross, a Liverpudlian musician, ready to sooth your soul with some soft blues tones. With an EP set to launch on 27th April, this is a guy full of charm and charisma, carrying a gentle blend of acoustic folk.
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An Interview with Brother Goose

An interview as part of a Uni Assignment, written in May 2014


Penning a song for Wembley, winning a slot at this year’s Blissfields festival and all on top of writing and recording a new EP. If there’s any band keeping busy in Britain this year it’s Brother Goose. Continue reading “An Interview with Brother Goose”