Music Diary No. 7 || Revisiting Recommendations

A little while ago I bought a new notebook to encourage a new music project I wanted to do. Something to do with looking in to certain historical or monumental moments in music that I had previously ignored. It wasn’t long however before I decided that I just simply could not be bothered. Said notebook is still dedicated to writing projects and ideas, although not so organised as intended, but that’s okay!

Recently I picked up said book and found some brief notes on a random selection of artists. I have a handful of people I turn to for new music recommendations, and it seems on one occasion, (perhaps because I was given a whole bunch of artists at once) I actually took the time to make notes as I listened, cute huh? It would be even cuter if I could actually make out my scribbling, but hey, guess I was just majorly into it. That being said apart from one or two of the artists, I never went back after that evening, so without further ado, here I go to revisit those recommendations.

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Music Diary No.6 || The Return

I know, pretty bold of me to return to this format of music diary two years after the last, but at least I’m acknowledging it. I seem to be back in a place in my mind where I feel I have the time and energy to write about music without it being a chore. Let’s hope it lasts (at least more than five posts this time). I think I would like to keep this a weekly thing, but equally, if I’m not feeling it one week I’ll give myself a break. Why weekly over monthly then? Well, first of all, that’s how I started. Secondly, I already have my monthly roundup posts for life in general so it might be good to spread things out a little. Thirdly, it gives me the chance to go into things in a little more detail. Some weeks I may talk about ten pieces of music, whether that be an album, single, show or new band I discovered (or an old band I rekindled my love for/finally caught up on). Other weeks I may even just talk about one thing. We’ll see if I adopt a certain formula along the way but let’s keep things free flowing to start with.

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Music Diary || No.5

It seems that as long as Wolf Alice are releasing new material, I’m ready to write about it. In my last Music Diary, it was the ferocious ‘Yuk Foo’ that sent me to my notepad, writing a track of the day for Vulture Hound. Then, just days after the release of ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ from their upcoming second album, here I am ready to post the next diary. The playlist itself has been sitting privately on my Spotify for a couple weeks now, and covers a bunch of different artists.

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Music Diary || No.4

Wow, what a busy few weeks I’ve had! Well, vaguely busy with a lack of motivation thrown in for good measure, BUT, rest assured I have still been listening to a load of new music. So, to make up for this post not quite running to schedule – which, let’s be honest, is something that only really matters to my little perfectionist brain – this playlist will feature more tracks than usual.

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Music Diary || No.3

There was a lot of hesitation with this week’s music diary. Yes this post will go from females of the DIY punk scene, to, well, Harry Styles and I’m fully aware that they don’t necessarily belong in the same playlist, but that’s not really the point. I’m referring to these posts as diaries because my aim is to document each week (more or less) in terms of music, to see what I’ve been enjoying over time. The only theme is ‘what Sam likes this week’. Of course at times there may be a collection of songs that piece together perfectly, but we’ll put that down to circumstance.

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Music Diary || No.2

It’s the second week of my music diary, and to be really honest, I thought coming up with ten new tracks would be hard. Not so much. Within minutes of posting last week’s, I had already made up half of my playlist and it has been so stimulating for my music hungry brain. Yes, I am a little concerned about the upcoming week, but what I’ve found is that I’m planning to go to more gigs, looking into more artists and realising that my passion for music is never ending, so I really don’t think it will be too hard at all.

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Music Diary || No.1

Here goes, my attempt to keep looking for new music to love and adore, whether it’s the latest tracks from the big bands, listening to recommendations from friends or just browsing through new artists myself. I’d like to make a new playlist each week with just a few songs I’m loving at that moment in time. It may be that some tracks are more current than others as I may find an album from a band that had previously missed my radar, so if their EP from 2012 piques my interest, then so be it.
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