Mini Book Reviews #3

Books really are a little piece of magic. Though I had imagined myself having read more books by this point in the year, those that I have finished have been thoroughly enjoyable. These particular reviews come from yet another selection of borrowed books. In a way these are my favourite; knowing that I have someone who understands the thoughts and feelings each story evokes. Of course, a lot of the books I’m reading lately have been read by many peers, but in any case, it’s just a nice thing to share.

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Mini Book Reviews #2

It is a few months in to the year and I am making sure to remind myself that there is no hard and fast rule to reading. Obviously. Take it at my own pace, admit if there is a book I am not enjoying, move on, maybe come back to it later, maybe not. I think that rather than trying to reach a seemingly impossible number, it is way more valuable to spend time on books I really feel a connection to. That being said, I feel that in the spirit of all things social distancing, my pile of finished books will grow exponentially over the next few weeks.

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Mini Book Reviews #1

You know it, new year – new goal to read more books. Predictable as ever. Regardless, we are just over one month in and I am three (and a bit) books deep. Two were Christmas presents and another was a charity shop find on a cool and crisp Sunday day out in Romsey. Cute, I know. When it comes to a winning novel, for me it’s either going to be a thriller or something deeply rooted in relationships – platonic, romantic or family orientated. To give you a rough idea, my current lasting favourites are A Little Life (Hanya Yanagihara) and The Night Circus (Erin Morgenstern). The first, truly heartbreaking, spanning years of the relationship between four friends in New York; the latter somewhat based in a world of fantasy, but it’s the relationship between the two protagonists that I found particularly compelling.

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