Home Is Where The Heart Is

Early last year I was dreaming up plans of moving to Brighton. A new home by the sea, conveniently placed between Margate and Southampton – the ideal new location for keeping up with friends from both places. Then lockdown(s) happened, inevitably putting such plans on hold. Funny to think that if the last year had gone differently I may well be watching waves on the pebbles today.
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Thoughts For The New Year

January rolls around once again, along with the encouragement of new goals and a fresh sense of motivation. You know, those things that typically follow a period of Christmas rest, although it would be safe to say that this time, our state of relaxation may have been somewhat led astray. New plans rushed in place of those that many of us had worked on and looked forward to for most of the year. Only then to be swiftly followed by yet another lockdown. You can’t blame anyone for reaching out to 2021 as a complete restart.
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Isolation and Confusion in April

With three family birthdays thrown in to the mix, social distancing hit a little harder this month. Being stuck in Southampton while my family celebrated birthdays, even if from a safe distance, was weird, but life goes on.

April 5th was my Grand-pops’ birthday, and I think this was the hardest one to be away for. Even so, I enjoyed a lovely little phone call, after which he told me he was going to sit down and have a drink. Specifically a glass of wine, red. Or no, maybe open that nice new bottle of Rosé. As much as I wished I could just sit and have a glass with him, I did find comfort in the fact that my Nan was cooking up a good meal, and that those who could go round and talk from the front garden, did. I also learnt that some of their neighbours who are more able to go out have offered to grab any bits of shopping they need. Still, nothing could quite shake my want to give him a big old hug. Soon Pops, real soon.

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Oh, What a Month March Has Been

Well, what a complete turnaround this month has been, huh? It’s fair to say that everyone is feeling it a bit lately, whether working from home, being laid off, or going through it all to keep people alive. I think we can all agree that the NHS deserve not only a huge round of applause but some actual real support and recognition for what they do, right? Let’s also not forget the shop assistants and everyone else who is any way, shape or form helping to keep things ticking over.

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Figuring it all out in the name of new year clichés

Well sod the lot of ya with your January blues, it’s my goddamn birthday month, get it together will ya? Alright, I admit as much as I would love to ignore the downer of a month that January can be, I have to agree, it can indeed be a sucky old month, and you know what? It is okay to feel that way.

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What I learnt about living on my own

It has been seven years since I left my home in Kent to start life at university in Southampton. Yet, I have never exactly acknowledged the act of “moving out”. It feels way more like I left one day and never returned. I didn’t move out to try living on my own, or with friends. It was all for uni, which in turn lead me to living with friends, in house shares and at one point living entirely on my own.

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Change, change and more change

I am only just starting this post and already it feels very familiar. A return to the blog after a fair bit of silence on this page to talk about changes and admitting defeat in my bid to upload weekly music posts etc etc. Ah, life.

It has been a mad couple of months and not in the exciting ‘Oh I’ve been up to so much!’ way. No, much more along the lines of ‘Oh life is soooo draining right now’. Cor, don’t I sound like a ray of sunshine? In all seriousness, a lot has happened recently and it is only now that I have managed to sit down and reflect on it all.

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Getting through your twenties

As I sit at home in the evenings, I scroll through seemingly endless feeds of people my age doing anything from getting engaged, married, having children, working their dream job… the list goes on. Often this will happen as I am eating ice cream from the tub in my underwear, while Always Sunny plays in the background. What a comparison, huh?

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Let’s catch up

It has been a while since I came out with a load of words about the last month in general, so my initial thought for this post was, hey, let’s give May the spotlight for a moment. Then I looked back. Other than starting at a new job (which I covered to death in my last post), the last month has been pretty plain sailing. Also, by the time I got round to really writing this post, we had already been through most of June. So it is a sort of two month roundup. Don’t worry though, I’ll keep it short and sweet. Relatively.

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Difficult Decisions and New Starts

Well hello there! It has been a while since I last published one of my more personal posts, but by golly do I have an update for you.

Normally I like to do these sort of posts as a little round up of the last month, but this time I have two (and a half) to catch you up on, and to be honest, March seems so far away I can barely even remember what happened. Though these posts started up as pretty simple pieces about what I got up to, more recently they have been centered around certain themes. That being said I have still striven to make sure it is an honest reflection of the month rather than me shoehorning some random idea in. Towards the end of March I had drafted a little piece about needing to care less, and perhaps that will be feature later on, but for now let’s talk about the change that April brought around.

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