An Interview with Brother Goose

An interview as part of a Uni Assignment, written in May 2014


Penning a song for Wembley, winning a slot at this year’s Blissfields festival and all on top of writing and recording a new EP. If there’s any band keeping busy in Britain this year it’s Brother Goose. Continue reading “An Interview with Brother Goose”


SINGLE REVIEW: Twin Atlantic – I Am An Animal

twinatlanticartwork2Hitting Reading and Leeds festival as well as Scotland’s T in The Park this year are rock quartet Twin Atlantic. Though exploring the realms of pop with recent track ‘Heart And Soul’ the band seem to have returned to the rock side with latest release ‘I Am An Animal’. Continue reading “SINGLE REVIEW: Twin Atlantic – I Am An Animal”

SINGLE REVIEW: Natives – Ghost

nativesFollowing the release of debut album Indoor War, New Forest band Natives are all set to go on their own headline tour across the UK as well as playing at this year’s Slam Dunk festival. The band’s latest single ‘Ghost’, is a pop rock delight that’s easy on the ears and follows a somewhat disappointingly generic structure. Continue reading “SINGLE REVIEW: Natives – Ghost”

The Great British Night Out?

Paying to spend the night in a room full of drunk people who can’t dance while the same songs are played week after week? No thank you. That’s not what the movies told us about clubs! Yet I still pay money into this industry even if it is just to partake in the activities rather than hear the dreadful monotony of it all booming from the club down the road. There is of course more to a good night than the music however one can only enjoy a Rihanna track so many times.  Perhaps at this point it is the logical thing to go to another club but the majority of the time it seems that you’re getting served the same dish, just with different sides. Continue reading “The Great British Night Out?”