Meadowlark || VH Reviews

In the last month or so I have fallen deeply in love with Meadowlark. From listening to their album ready for review, to travelling to Guildford for a live show, my thoughts on this band have gone from “yeah they’re cool” to “omg I just can’t stop talking about them”.

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Fazerdaze – Morningside || VH Album Review

If you read my post about the Tashaki Miyaki album, you might remember that I mentioned another dream pop album that I received on the same day. Well, I can finally share it with you! I fell in love with Morningside by Fazerdaze instantly, and was incredibly happy to be able to listen to it way over a month before it was to be released. That said, with all the time came a lot of procrastination, so when it came to writing up my review, I had listened to this album perhaps a little too much.

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Kings of Leon – Because of the Times || VH 10 Albums at 10 (#6)

I recently wrote a retrospective review of Kings of Leon’s third album Because of the Times, as part of Vulture Hound’s 10 Albums at 10 series. As you can probably guess it takes a look at ten albums from ten years ago, my choice being a Kings of Leon classic, with the likes of ‘Knocked Up’ and ‘Charmer’ on the track-list.

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Leif Vollebekk – Twin Solitude || VH Album Review

It’s always nice to get a little recognition from a PR, to the point that they come directly to you in regards to reviewing one of their artists. It’s just the kind of ego boost that every writer needs. So when Ellie from Stay Loose sent me over Leif Vollebekk’s latest album Twin Solitude, I was absolutely up for giving it a listen.

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Sundara Karma – Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect || VH Album Review

The debut album from Sundara Karma came out the other day and it is a massive moment for the band, definitely not one to be missed. Continue reading “Sundara Karma – Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect || VH Album Review”

Jaws – Simplicity || VH Album Review

I recently reviewed the new JAWS album for Vulture Hound and I absolutely loved it. Simplicity is a great step forward from their debut, an appropriate amount of change without straying too far from their roots. It was also nice to get a physical copy sent in the post, even if it arrived way after I got the review published. Never mind though, it all worked out in the end! I definitely urge you to check out the album if you’re into the whole indie/chill-wave/alt-rock shabang.

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The Wytches – All Your Happy Life || Album Review

Here’s a piece I recently wrote for Vulture Hound. Find it on the site here:

The Wytches have come full throttle with their second album All Your Happy Life, taking on a grungey note of psychedelia and inviting us in to a warped world of mayhem. With main inspiration coming from their changed perspective of English life, seeing it in a new light since the release of their debut (Annabel Dream Reader) in 2014, this album comes across as an exploration of a newer self. From intensified guitar and enraged vocals to slower, slacker-rock, The Wytches rock all over the place, in a mishap manner that only they can pull off.

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ALBUM REVIEW: This Wild Life – Low Tides

Here’s a piece I recently wrote for Vulture Hound. Find it on the site here:

This Wild Life are set to release their new album Low Tides, a reinvention of themselves, ten tracks that are all about them and what they want you to hear. These are songs straight from the heart, a bold move as the band step out of performing the songs that they think their fans will enjoy, and take on a much more personal direction.

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