Single Reviews from Noise Cannon’s NOTW

These single reviews are a collection of my latest featured on Noise Cannon’s Noise of The Week:

Fish Tank – Friends

If youโ€™re into something along the lines of quirky, mathematic rock that cuts off in all kinds of different directions, then Fish Tank are the band for you. Itโ€™s been a while since the trio unleashed their previous EP Henry, however they are back with something even wackier, a definite step forward โ€“ even if the video does leave you the slightest bit worried for their sanity. Continue reading


Yellow Ostrich

I reviewed this band for Noise Cannon a little while back and I was absolutely blown away, definitely one of my favourite bands I’ve had the pleasure to review. There’s just something so euphoric yet soothing about their music and it’s really quite astounding. Check them out!