ALBUM REVIEW: Liars – Mess

I wrote this review as part of Southampton Solent’s ‘Magazine In a Day’ challenge. The whole Popular Music Journalism course were invited to create an Underground special edition of the uni’s Audio Addict magazine that would go live online later that night. The end result can be seen here:
We also recorded a podcast in which you can hear discussions of Underground music as well as some of the writers (including me) talking about the pieces they wrote. You can listen to the podcast here:

1554367_10152197133349245_691751966_n With flashy LA Art School backgrounds and six previous albums under their belt, New York based trio Liars’ refusal to be categorised is still going strong with latest album Mess. Doting on electronics since their name-making debut in 2001, Liars have never been ones to shy away from criticism of their experimental ways. This album highlights the band continuing to push boundaries in order to create something original with house and industrial influences. Continue reading “ALBUM REVIEW: Liars – Mess”