My Relationship With Music

It’s a Friday night, and I’ve turned up to The 1865 in Southampton on my own. There’s music playing, people coming together for a great cause. As I’m stood in the middle of a benefit show for someone I’ve only recently heard of, a flood of anxiety runs over me, why am I here? Is it bad that I came to see some bands I liked while other people came to support the cause? Continue reading

Declan McKenna || VH Artist of the Week (23/01/17)

A little while ago I received several emails from Chalk Press Agency about an artist called Declan McKenna. After getting over my birthday relaxation period, I finally took notice of these emails and listened to his latest track (after all, they had been ever so kind last year having sent me a private link to The Big Moon’s Formidable video prior to its release). I thoroughly enjoyed what I heard, he puts his passion for music and politics together in such an ingenious way, stating the problems of the world, while giving us something to sing about. Continue reading


For a lot of people, staying out late and talking to various musicians is the dream. For music journalists it’s just one part of a long day’s work.
When you’re not out living ‘the high life’ you’re locked away in your room listening to music all day, getting to know the ins and outs of note after note. Then you go and write about it, examining every little detail, just like the obsessive girl who writes letters about her latest crush to her most loyal of companions, β€œDear Diary.” The job is then very much reminiscent of our teenage years. However, would you make the same comparison for someone writing about the latest war? Probably not. Continue reading