Tashaki Miyaki – The Dream || VH Album Review

It has been a while since I’ve connected to an album as strongly as I did with Tashaki Miyaki’s debut LP, The Dream. As soon as this album was put forward to the Vulture Hound team for review, I just had to take it. Dream pop? Shoegaze? Yes please. That’s my thing. Even one of the editors said he would have put at least £20 down on me taking it. I can only assume that, as a music journalist, being predictable in terms of music taste is a good thing, right?
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ALBUM REVIEW: The Horrors – Luminous

I wrote this piece for a uni project in which we worked in groups to create a special themed magazine. Our theme was British and I chose The Horrors’ latest album to feature as my lead review.

Dubbing The Horrors as an indie rock band always seems to be the sloppy effort of an ignorant listener when really, the Southend five-piece are a rich blend of genres ranging from dream pop to post punk and shoegaze.  Their latest release Luminous is most probably the greatest balance of all these with a selection of mushy vocals floating delicately on the surface of dynamic instrumentation. Continue reading “ALBUM REVIEW: The Horrors – Luminous”