Record Store Day 2019 @ Vinilo, Southampton

In case I hadn’t gone on about it enough, after literally only just missing out on an exclusive Record Store Day tote last year, I was determined to get down to my local record store nice and early this time round. That being said, I wasn’t exactly prepared to camp out overnight like some others, but I did go along with my plan to get there two hours early and hope for the best.

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Where has the month gone?

Never has a month passed me by so quickly as this August. I suppose it has been another whirlwind of activity, both at work and at home, but still I can’t quite believe that we are already in September.

In the blink of an eye I have applied for the manager position in my store and started the process of moving in to a new flat (with any luck I’ll be there in September). Some major steps right there. Having cut my annual trip home short due to other commitments, August has in fact been pretty difficult but it is absolutely not without its high points.

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