Home Is Where The Heart Is

Early last year I was dreaming up plans of moving to Brighton. A new home by the sea, conveniently placed between Margate and Southampton – the ideal new location for keeping up with friends from both places. Then lockdown(s) happened, inevitably putting such plans on hold. Funny to think that if the last year had gone differently I may well be watching waves on the pebbles today.
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Veganuary: How It Is Going So Far

I finally decided to take the plunge and give Veganuary a go, but why now? First and foremost, it is coming up to three years of being vegetarian and the idea of going vegan has played on my mind over the past few months. So you know, it seemed natural to try it out at a time where vegan food was in abundance and if it didn’t work out, at least I could say it was only for the month anyway. Secondly, we are in a lockdown and it gives me something to do – even if that something is spending too much money on trying all the new vegan substitutes out there. As someone who loves food a lot, it does not take a lot for me to get excited and go overboard.
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Thoughts For The New Year

January rolls around once again, along with the encouragement of new goals and a fresh sense of motivation. You know, those things that typically follow a period of Christmas rest, although it would be safe to say that this time, our state of relaxation may have been somewhat led astray. New plans rushed in place of those that many of us had worked on and looked forward to for most of the year. Only then to be swiftly followed by yet another lockdown. You can’t blame anyone for reaching out to 2021 as a complete restart.
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Writing Again (Again) & New Life Goals

Nothing like some lockdown blues to keep me away from my writing. I feel like I have said this many times, but here we go again – it has been a while.

In many ways a lot has happened, but at the same time, has it, has it really? Week after week of lounging around my house, pestering my housemates while they work from home – it just wasn’t really fun to write about. I was also getting bored of that being the content on my blog. Yet here we are, talking about it again. I guess I can justify it with the return to the work, the change of pace – the simple fact there is some form of routine back in my life, whether I actually like it or not.

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Mini Book Reviews #3

Books really are a little piece of magic. Though I had imagined myself having read more books by this point in the year, those that I have finished have been thoroughly enjoyable. These particular reviews come from yet another selection of borrowed books. In a way these are my favourite; knowing that I have someone who understands the thoughts and feelings each story evokes. Of course, a lot of the books I’m reading lately have been read by many peers, but in any case, it’s just a nice thing to share.

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Astrology Check

I have always been a little bit into astrology. I don’t take it as the gospel truth, but it certainly is interesting to look at and apply to real life events. Sure, I’ve downloaded the Co-Star app on my phone, and you can bet I find great joy in ‘totally relatable’ horoscope memes on Instagram. Generally it’s a little bit of fun, but not completely out of bounds of me being introspective on life. After all, some things just fit too perfectly, right?

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Oh, What a Month March Has Been

Well, what a complete turnaround this month has been, huh? It’s fair to say that everyone is feeling it a bit lately, whether working from home, being laid off, or going through it all to keep people alive. I think we can all agree that the NHS deserve not only a huge round of applause but some actual real support and recognition for what they do, right? Let’s also not forget the shop assistants and everyone else who is any way, shape or form helping to keep things ticking over.

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Mini Book Reviews #2

It is a few months in to the year and I am making sure to remind myself that there is no hard and fast rule to reading. Obviously. Take it at my own pace, admit if there is a book I am not enjoying, move on, maybe come back to it later, maybe not. I think that rather than trying to reach a seemingly impossible number, it is way more valuable to spend time on books I really feel a connection to. That being said, I feel that in the spirit of all things social distancing, my pile of finished books will grow exponentially over the next few weeks.

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February’s Holy Trinity of Feelings, Food and Music

First things first – she has a job, she has a job, she has a job! True, it was only three weeks of being unemployed, but it felt so much longer, dear lord. Funnily enough, it is another hospitality based job, despite me apparently wanting absolutely nothing to do with that line of work ever again. Things change though don’t they? Sure, perhaps that thing can be sheer desperation, but I prefer to look at it as determination. Why cut off one whole industry just because one job in particular wasn’t for me? So here I am giving it another go, and so far, so good. It certainly helps that I am not having to get the train to work or consider moving to a different town.

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Mini Book Reviews #1

You know it, new year – new goal to read more books. Predictable as ever. Regardless, we are just over one month in and I am three (and a bit) books deep. Two were Christmas presents and another was a charity shop find on a cool and crisp Sunday day out in Romsey. Cute, I know. When it comes to a winning novel, for me it’s either going to be a thriller or something deeply rooted in relationships – platonic, romantic or family orientated. To give you a rough idea, my current lasting favourites are A Little Life (Hanya Yanagihara) and The Night Circus (Erin Morgenstern). The first, truly heartbreaking, spanning years of the relationship between four friends in New York; the latter somewhat based in a world of fantasy, but it’s the relationship between the two protagonists that I found particularly compelling.

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