Listen 2022: May & June Highlights

Look, May just flew by, and yes, so did June. So here we are, two months rolled into one little post. I have mostly spent the last couple of months absorbing the music from the months prior, as well as getting sucked in to a good bit of Glasto on BBC iPlayer. That being said, a few new tracks did stand out to me during this time, so it is only fair I give them a little shout out, eventually.
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Listen 2022: February Highlights

Is it too soon to put forward ideas for album of the year? Too much to feature the same band in two consecutive round ups? Perhaps we’ll hold fire on any claims of album of the year right now, but there is absolutely a stand out, and as for featuring the same band twice in a row? Can’t have too much of a good thing now, can you?
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Listen 2022: January Highlights

What better way to spend the longest month of the year than getting stuck in to a whole load of fresh music? From hot new singles to highly anticipated album releases, 2022 has come in hard and fast with some brilliant material and I can’t wait to hear even more.
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Track of the Week: Molly Burman – Everytime

[Photo by Dora Paphides]

This week’s top track comes from someone who is very quickly becoming a new favourite of mine. Molly Burman’s songs ooze pure bliss with their bedroom pop energy, all the while tackling relatable and generally exasperating moments of growing up as a woman. Her latest single, ‘Everytime’ delivers a sweet and soothing tone to a narrative of finally finding love and appreciation for yourself.
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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Early last year I was dreaming up plans of moving to Brighton. A new home by the sea, conveniently placed between Margate and Southampton – the ideal new location for keeping up with friends from both places. Then lockdown(s) happened, inevitably putting such plans on hold. Funny to think that if the last year had gone differently I may well be watching waves on the pebbles today.
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Track Of The Week: SPQR – Fault Lines

First things first – yes I have decided to change from a collective feature to a Track of the Week. For one thing it will keep me productive with regular updates – at least that’s the idea. It also gives me the chance to really get into one track, rather than casting a brief look at a few. This week’s top track is the latest single from Liverpool four piece SPQR, a band I have really come to love since reviewing their No Brain, No Pain EP last year.
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Listen 2021: Top Tracks #5


Alright let’s get straight back to it with a fresh blog update on my latest faves in the world of new music:
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Review: ĠENN – Liminal EP

In need of a little time out from the world? Brighton quartet ĠENN’s latest release Liminal is a more than suitable antidote. Casting a shoegaze spell on punk, the new EP takes a trip through psychedelic grooves and funky rhythms. Less head in the clouds and more feeling empowered, it is made for playing loud and letting go.
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