Oh, October. The month that was simultaneously the longest and quickest month ever. Looking back to what I got up to at the beginning of the month feels like delving deep into the past, however I still can’t quite believe that we’re already a few days in to November. 

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Beach House: Electric Memories

It finally happened! I finally saw Beach House live, and I must say, those guys perform one hell of a show. Every note, every vocal, just every little moment was more wonderful than I ever imagined possible. It was a perfect blend of dreamy old numbers and the electrifying new material.

There was a moment where they referred to the crowd; “you guys are the electricity”, and true, Beach House were the ones up there providing the enigmatic sound, but it would be nothing without us, the listeners, the ones who have connected majorly to this band, be it in the last year or right from the very start.

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Where has the month gone?

Never has a month passed me by so quickly as this August. I suppose it has been another whirlwind of activity, both at work and at home, but still I can’t quite believe that we are already in September.

In the blink of an eye I have applied for the manager position in my store and started the process of moving in to a new flat (with any luck I’ll be there in September). Some major steps right there. Having cut my annual trip home short due to other commitments, August has in fact been pretty difficult but it is absolutely not without its high points.

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Nearer My God: How Foxing’s new album is so much more than its “sound”

One of my favourite things about music has always been the way in which we consume it. I have never cared about perfection, nor how to define a sound. I often struggle to describe bands to people based on what they sound like. In a world full of such technology it just makes more sense to pull out your phone, open Spotify and press play. However if you want to talk about what the band are about, what they mean to me, or to others, then I am absolutely here.

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It’s hot and I’m getting old

Although June was not quite as busy as previous months, it really tired me out. Which is strange, because come to think of it, I had a whole month of Saturdays off – quite frankly unheard of. Then again, although this sounds like the dream, I’m a fan of my Tuesdays and Wednesdays off, my mid week weekend; the time I get to run all my errands without the hustle and bustle of weekend shoppers. Not in June though. A whole month of a completely different schedule in this gross, sticky heat…well, I think it may have broken me. Not just because of work, but also because I actually ended up making plans on some of these Saturdays instead of hiding away in my flat and you know, relaxing. As I type this I am remembering just how busy in fact June was. No wonder I’m feeling it.

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HUJI: Love or Hate?

Right now every other person I follow on Instagram is using HUJI, the app that turns your phone camera into a disposable from 1998. Date stamp included if you so desire. Knowing how much of a sucker I am for these kind of apps, I tried to steer clear of it for a good while, but as expected, here I am, insanely attached to my virtual disposable.

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