Beach House: Electric Memories

It finally happened! I finally saw Beach House live, and I must say, those guys perform one hell of a show. Every note, every vocal, just every little moment was more wonderful than I ever imagined possible. It was a perfect blend of dreamy old numbers and the electrifying new material.

There was a moment where they referred to the crowd; “you guys are the electricity”, and true, Beach House were the ones up there providing the enigmatic sound, but it would be nothing without us, the listeners, the ones who have connected majorly to this band, be it in the last year or right from the very start.

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Nearer My God: How Foxing’s new album is so much more than its “sound”

One of my favourite things about music has always been the way in which we consume it. I have never cared about perfection, nor how to define a sound. I often struggle to describe bands to people based on what they sound like. In a world full of such technology it just makes more sense to pull out your phone, open Spotify and press play. However if you want to talk about what the band are about, what they mean to me, or to others, then I am absolutely here.

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Van William – Countries : VH Album Review

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a country music fan, but during a writing slump I decided to pick up this review opportunity and it was surprisingly inspiring.

Though not exactly my taste in music, I was enamoured by the passion behind this album and the feelings that it evoked. Countries is a truly profound album with a heartfelt story as Van William explores heartbreak in many ways, from the loss of his family business, to the ending of a six year relationship.

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By The Sea 2017

My most recent visit to Margate was my favourite yet. Not only did I finally see Metronomy (in my home town no less), everywhere I looked was a touch of magic – the whole town thriving with creativity and really shining as a community. For the first time in ages, I felt so much joy to simply be back home and that is all thanks to By The Sea.

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