Review: Yore’s self-titled debut album – a sweet slice of indie zen

Yore is the latest project by East-London based musician and producer, Callum Brown. No stranger to the music and art scene, Brown uses his connections to produce a collaborative album to debut Yore – a new venture for experimentation after working with the likes of Mint Field and Ulrika Spacek. The self-titled debut is an utterly seamless and dreamlike variety of tracks – a treat for the ears that simultaneously soothes the soul.
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Q&A with Yore

Yore is the latest project from East London music creative Callum Brown. Having previously worked with the likes of Mint Field and Ulrika Spacek, Yore is an opportunity for Brown to experiment further. Nevertheless, the upcoming album shows that this is by no means a solo affair. The self-titled debut, set for release on 4th December, succeeds wonderfully in its bid to celebrate indie collaboration. From Dream Wife’s Rakel Mjöll, to White Flowers’ Katie Drew, this is certainly something I could not resist listening to over and over, so it only felt right to get some more insight on it all from Callum himself:
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The Last Dinosaur – Wholeness: A Profound & Personal Journey

Emotive, personal and downright magnificent are just a few words that you could use to describe the latest offering from The Last Dinosaur. Wholeness is the third album from Jamie Cameron under this moniker; an incredibly immersive piece of art, and a real testament to the power of his musical creativity. With some work on this release having been started in 2012, it is by all means a long time coming, but something about that makes each note sound more refined. Every little bit counts towards something important, each element standing out in a different way with every listen.
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Any Excuse For A New Playlist

I’m sure I’m not the only one who looks to a new season, or changes in the weather as inspiration to get a new playlist in the works. As October begins, it is time for music to match the rain outside your window and the chill at the tip of your nose. Perhaps something a little on the acoustic folk side, but really anything fit for sipping a hot beverage of some sort, be it the most decadent hot chocolate or a cheeky little tipple to warm those rosy cheeks. In short, a playlist that is overall soothing, but not without the odd bit of oomph and power to kick the fire up inside on those grey days. Or you know, whatever tickles your fancy – who said anything about rules?
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Art pop bliss and then some with Buggie’s ‘Fool Potential’

Dripping in synth and electro pop vibes, new artist Buggie’s first solo venture, Fool Potential is every little bit bubblegum pop on the surface, but not without strong messages of society. This is an album bound to tick a few boxes for fans of Grimes and Robyn, while also offering the individual flavour of Buggie’s sound.
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7 Albums Getting Me Through Lockdown

When the going gets tough, we all have something that we fall back on. It might be exercise, reading, eating, or all of the above. For me, music has brought the most comfort . Of course, lockdown playlists are in abundance, not to mention listening parties and Instagram live sessions. James Blake’s live streams have been a particular favourite of mine, and I finally got involved with #TimsTwitterListeningParty – I can’t wait for a run through of The Horrors’ Primary Colours record! It really makes me long for more listening parties in the future.

I have made my own playlist; Quarantunes – ever the creative, I know. I am not sure if the tracks necessarily go together, but I have tried to keep some sort of flow. Starting with upbeat pop hits, leading into some more indie tracks, then all sorts through to some classics from earlier decades. It might not all make sense, but it really just makes me happy. Of course I am still spending a lot of time listening to Vinilo Record Store’s constantly growing ‘music to get you through’ collection, a great mix of songs I love as well as some new finds. At times I have found myself diving into these new finds and discovering whole albums that I now just can’t do without.

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My Favourite Albums of 2019

Ah, the December lull, when in between all the Christmas leftovers and not knowing one day from the next, we all look back on the year just passed, thinking about all the things we loved the most. For me that relates a lot to the music I have listened to this year. After a poor show of albums that I had actually listened to last year, I was determined to explore further in 2019 and judging by my some of my top picks, I would say that I succeeded. Armed with a list of upcoming releases, the beginning of 2019 was non stop checking out new albums as they come out. By the time Summer had rolled around I had slowed down somewhat, retiring to my usual favourites. Although I’m much happier with my scope of albums, I would definitely like to take it even further next year.

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Music Diary No. 7 || Revisiting Recommendations

A little while ago I bought a new notebook to encourage a new music project I wanted to do. Something to do with looking in to certain historical or monumental moments in music that I had previously ignored. It wasn’t long however before I decided that I just simply could not be bothered. Said notebook is still dedicated to writing projects and ideas, although not so organised as intended, but that’s okay!

Recently I picked up said book and found some brief notes on a random selection of artists. I have a handful of people I turn to for new music recommendations, and it seems on one occasion, (perhaps because I was given a whole bunch of artists at once) I actually took the time to make notes as I listened, cute huh? It would be even cuter if I could actually make out my scribbling, but hey, guess I was just majorly into it. That being said apart from one or two of the artists, I never went back after that evening, so without further ado, here I go to revisit those recommendations.

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Music Diary No.6 || The Return

I know, pretty bold of me to return to this format of music diary two years after the last, but at least I’m acknowledging it. I seem to be back in a place in my mind where I feel I have the time and energy to write about music without it being a chore. Let’s hope it lasts (at least more than five posts this time). I think I would like to keep this a weekly thing, but equally, if I’m not feeling it one week I’ll give myself a break. Why weekly over monthly then? Well, first of all, that’s how I started. Secondly, I already have my monthly roundup posts for life in general so it might be good to spread things out a little. Thirdly, it gives me the chance to go into things in a little more detail. Some weeks I may talk about ten pieces of music, whether that be an album, single, show or new band I discovered (or an old band I rekindled my love for/finally caught up on). Other weeks I may even just talk about one thing. We’ll see if I adopt a certain formula along the way but let’s keep things free flowing to start with.

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