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With an ambition to produce something more than ‘just a record’, new instrumental trio Coldbones are all about creating something crammed with emotion as well as a cracking sound. Without vocals to guide this they rely solely on a strong set of varied melodies to demonstrate those emotional ups and downs. The musicians behind all this are Jordan Gilbert on guitar, Max Parr on bass and Joe Phillips on drums.

Clearly not ones to let us down, this group from Kent and Brighton have made an excellent effort with debut EP Distance (released under Dream Atlantic Records on October 6th). The first track takes a little while to get going and there are eventually some heavier surges of energy but just you wait, the following track is what really sets the tone. ‘Maeve’ showcases their depth of sound, ranging from a steadily interesting beat to something a little more raucous yet elegantly executed.

Coldbones’ overall sound is based on everyday life, drawing upon nature and surroundings, something we’re all a part of and understand so it’s relatively easy for the listener to get on board with. That’s not to say the band haven’t worked hard, with inspiration from bands such as This Will Destroy You, Caspian and God Is An Astronaut, this trio have developed a sound that, though bordering on generic, holds a promising future, as long as they take those eloquent tones further.

Exploring different concepts and adding something a little quirky is indeed on the band’s agenda. Though Coldbones as a collective are new, the members themselves – like many other renowned artists – have been or still are involved in other musical projects. It goes without saying that this helps to broaden their range but it’s a lot more than that. These guys are friends that grew up making music, perhaps not together but certainly within in the same circuit. Now it’s their turn to work together to create something a little bit different and they’re doing a mighty fine job of it.

Listen to ‘Maeve’ here:

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