LIVE REVIEW: As Elephants Are + Pixel Fix @ The Joiners – Southampton (27.10.14)

Originally posted on Noise Cannon:

Support for tonight’s show came from Oxford four-piece Pixel Fix. On record they sound quite soft and serene but what they did on stage elevated their sound into something that not only pulses through the body, but pounds right through to the bone. On top of this, the energy they put into the playing of their instruments, from melodic shredding of guitars to kicking the bass drum through your skull, made for an enticing spectacle to behold. Even at their most static points there was just a buzz about the room that really set the tone for As Elephants Are.

Despite a small crowd the performances from both bands were huge in impact and, though these bands would most definitely strive in front of a dancing audience, the intimate setting was a great opportunity to fully indulge into the performances.

As Elephants Are kicked off straight away building upon the atmosphere created by their predecessors with delicate vocals and euphoric melodies that are enough to get anyone moving. Something that really shone through their performance was their devotion to the music. There was no forcing you to do some corny chant or asking you to cheer louder, it was all about giving the people what they wanted without having to ask for something in return.

If you already felt pounded by Pixel Fix, As Elephants Are completely invaded you, each hit of the drum rang through your ears before resonating in your chest. This may have been a little down to the enclosed nature of the venue itself, nevertheless it made for an invigorating performance with wonderfully smooth vocals and dainty melodies to counterbalance those delectable heavy-going beats.

Overall both bands complimented each other almost perfectly without churning off the same sound entirely – thus leaving a little spice of something different between them. With two sets of tight performance, As Elephants Are and Pixel Fix are ones to keep your eye on, their fresh faces are set to see a lot more come their way.


Author: Samantha Mae

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