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Working on creating “edible pop chunks” out of songs originally standing as ten minute prog-rock operas are grungy garage four piece Demob Happy from Brighton. Packing a deep bass line behind a fuzzy rock tone, bass playing vocalist Matt Marcantonio claims that lyrically there is an influence from his “bitter disdain for humanity’s engineered ignorance” – so nothing too lighthearted then.

They have played a few house party shows with near death experiences from bowing floors not being able to withstand the capacity, “Seriously, we were stood still and it was like standing next to a trampoline” recalls Marcantonio. Today however, Demob Happy have recently rounded up a headline tour that saw them get appreciation from places they’d never been before with sell out shows in London and Newcastle as well as their hometown Brighton. It wasn’t just the areas appreciating the band, in some cases it was the band appreciating the areas, so if you’re after Marcantonio’s advice on where’s kicking, you have it here – “We never knew Maidstone was so wild. The scene is alive and well in Maidstone”.

So what is being in a band all about for this four piece? “It’s super-duper fun writing stuff and getting to say whatever the fuck you like and have people clap along”, says Marcantonio. “Behind the curtains you try to fill whatever void you see in your own taste with whatever you think ought to exist to fluff it out, I think. There’s no way you can do whatever your idols do better than your idols do it. Right now nobody is saying anything of any fucking worth. We’ve had social commentary but it’s too cynical and only leads to further insularity. We need human mutation and some proper fucking rock music to soundtrack it”.

Speaking of “proper fucking rock”, the band have recently released latest single ‘Succubus’, a gnarly track, rich again in thick bass lines and striking a fair few similarities to the likes of Queens of the Stone Age. If you’re into Royal Blood, Demob Happy are like their slightly moodier brother who’s a little bit rougher on the edges. Contrary to belief, rock and roll isn’t dead and definitely not dying – there’s plenty more bands than we credit who are keeping it alive and Demob Happy are most certainly one of them.


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