Why You Should Care About… Rosenblume

Originally posted on Noise Cannon: http://noisecannon.com/2015/04/16/why-you-should-care-about-rosenblume/

Here we have Daniel ‘Rosenblume’ Ross, a Liverpudlian musician, ready to sooth your soul with some soft blues tones. With an EP set to launch on 27th April, this is a guy full of charm and charisma, carrying a gentle blend of acoustic folk.

With essentially a lifelong passion for music, Rosenblume is all about the personal experiences, having been singing since the tender age of two, before getting his first guitar at eight years old. “My dad brought an acoustic guitar home that he’d borrowed from a friend. He played a little and I was mesmerised that he could get a tune out of this instrument. For my following birthday I got my first guitar. So I guess that’s where it all started.”

Having recorded All Through The Fire, All Through The Rain within the free flowing creativity of his home studio, it’s clear that his music comes straight from the heart. His songs are“always honest”, drawing from his own feelings and emotional connections.

Lead single ‘All Through The Fire, All Through The Rain’ is a classy little number, smooth and heartfelt all at once, with the gentle caress of fine guitar and grainy vocals. As the title track of the upcoming EP it holds promise of a well grown sound of love and devotion that’s ideal for a lazy Sunday afternoon. In Rosenblume’s own words, “The title track is really about devotion and loyalty. We all experience it in our lives some time or another. Whether it be romantic or a different kind of feeling for someone. There’s always a thought process that goes on in our minds about how you feel toward something or someone. Sometimes you have that battle between your head and your heart about what’s right. I think a similar theme runs through the rest of the EP too”.

Prior to the EP’s release Rosenblume will host a launch party at Liverpool’s Leaf Cafe on 23rd April, where signed copies of All Through The Fire, All Through The Rain will be available to buy. Following this are a couple of shows at Leeds’ Oporto (May 4th) and The Castle Hotel, Manchester (May 5th), before a string of Irish dates to be confirmed in June. The singer/songwriter will be busy rehearsing in the run up to these shows (as well as some festival appearances this summer), making sure he delivers something of a twist to the live performance: “Although the musicians in the band all played on the EP we’re adding a few more musicians in to make the shows more interesting. So we’re trying to get together as much as possible to get the tunes as solid as possible. I’m also playing with arrangements slightly too, to make the shows a little more interesting. I think replicating recordings is great for certain genres when playing live. However I think it’s interesting to change things up a little for the live shows. So we’re working towards that at the moment too”.

Rosenblume has taken the classic art of songwriting and delivered it with a delicate touch of blues and folk intertwined with a modern flair – he is ready to woo your socks off.



Author: Samantha Mae

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