ALBUM REVIEW: Jaghana – Forest Behind The Dream

Artwork by Iain Ridley

Blending psychedelia with a dash of romanticism, Jaghana are inviting us on a journey, all the while holding us in their charming caress. Debut EP Forest Behind The Dream opens with an enticing rhythm in the immediately energetic bass line, that lays underneath the hazy croon of Johnny Smyth. It’s infectious, but it barely scrapes the surface of what is to come.

‘The Boy Who Cried Moon’ comes in at a much smoother rate, but is not without a range of elements to keep you listening; this track offers plenty in just the right doses. The EP starts to build character after this track’s soothing breakdown, accompanied by delicate spoken word before plunging into an engulfing instrumental.

A mid-album breather serves pure and ethereal melodies alongside vocals that glimmer on the surface. At this point in the EP the band has you in their clutches, while leaving enough space in which to lose yourself. This particularly comes to light in ‘I Melt With You’, a mystical and mesmerising number with a hypnotising melody that glides softly into an unsuspecting surge of energy. For a moment it spirals into a state of ecstasy before grounding once more, to tenderly transcend into final track, Mother Nature’s Tongue.

Forest Behind The Dream closes in an enchantment of blissful simplicity as it is stripped back to basics; a modern day lullaby and a gentle release from Jaghana’s fantastical clutches.

~Jaghana launch their EP with a show at St Margaret of Antioch Church in Coventry on 17.09.15, with Ralph Cola supporting. Click image below for full information of the event~



Author: Samantha Mae

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