SINGLE REVIEW: Grimes – Flesh Without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream

Originally posted on Noise Cannon:

After keeping us in suspense for months since the cryptic release of ‘REALiti’, Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, has finally announced that her new album Art Angels will be released November 6th, along with a new video – ‘Flesh Without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream’.

The pop princess energy might not be what we expect of the Grimes we’ve grown to love, but her sweet vocals alongside the upbeat, peppy energy aren’t by any means a turn off, and the point is, she’s experimenting (also, all her looks in that video are ON FIRE). Despite this different direction, the ‘Life in the Vivid Dream’ element of the song is more of a nod towards previous releases, exhibiting more fairy princess than pop. Judging by the Art Angels track-listing with both parts of the song featuring separately, there may very well be more to that chapter, leaving us in anticipation once more.


Author: Samantha Mae

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