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I plan on doing a weekly music post, buuuut I know me and I know how I work, so to start with, I’ll only be doing it every other week… unless of course I am absolutely full to the brim with music obsessions and recommendations. My aim is to give a slightly more personal, light-hearted perspective on music than my journalism portfolio tends to portray. Aaaand, with this first one, I’m being a little cheeky by starting with a certain little band that I’m very close to – translation: boyfriend’s band…

Bias and personal involvement aside, Jaghana is a band that I am incredibly into. Think romanticism, think psychedelia, think pure magic. I recently put ‘I Melt With You’, on before going to sleep and the way it shrouded itself around me more than my duvet ever could, is a true testament to the song itself. It felt like I was melting into my bed as I fell into a sleepy haze. This song got far too literal for my liking, but in the end, that’s what I loved about it. I was going to say that this is the kind of music that sucks you in, but it’s much more inviting than that. You feel comfortable, ready to explore the rhythms and harmonies that create a journey, through which Jaghana guide you all the way, still leaving enough room for your own imagination to take hold of the situation.

First EP Forest Behind The Dream is just the start of a much bigger journey to come, with more tracks on their way. Even having only heard demos of the new material, I’m pretty damn excited. There seems to be more of a groove and an amped up dose of hypnotising psychedelia. Get to know Jaghana as they experiment further beyond the “forest”- head over to their live surround sound performance at Bristol’s Southbank Club on March 31st to hear new EP Soul of the Sun. Follow the event on Facebook here.


Familiarise yourself with Jaghana:




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Author: Samantha Mae

Hi! I am a music and lifestyle blogger based near Margate, UK. Forever keeping an ear out for new music, particularly anything of the indie persuasion and always willing to spout on about life in general. Open to collaboration and new ideas, get in touch!

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