ALBUM REVIEW: This Wild Life – Low Tides

Here’s a piece I recently wrote for Vulture Hound. Find it on the site here:

This Wild Life are set to release their new album Low Tides, a reinvention of themselves, ten tracks that are all about them and what they want you to hear. These are songs straight from the heart, a bold move as the band step out of performing the songs that they think their fans will enjoy, and take on a much more personal direction.

Drowned in emotion from slow emo-pop, to tracks a little more upbeat, this album explores different melodies that manage to reflect the ups and downs of their feelings at different points in their life. Delectable vocals sweet as honey add a soft touch to Low Tides, and is easily a voice to fall in love with. This stands out particularly in ‘Pull Me Out’, a gentle, soothing track that pulls you in (ironic really considering its title) with a smooth production and emotive lyrics. ‘Let Go’ is another memorable track, both for its relatable nature and the almost fairy-tale tone of the intro. Though the track progresses into powerful choruses, the wistful verses are a beauty in their own right, this song is the whole package.

The personal tone of Low Tides is what makes it stand out however there is room for a little more inspiring hooks and rhythms. Fair play to This Wild Life for practically laying themselves out bare on this album as singer/guitarist Kevin Jordan talks of how parts of the album were uncomfortable to write. However, the honesty of his feelings, whether they’re easy to write about and perform or not, is what ultimately makes this album what it is. A step outside of the norm for This Wild Life, taking on another evolution and exploring a new approach for something a little more real. You’ve got to respect them for that.

This is a delicate album, focused on feelings and the band’s personal experiences. This Wild Life come across much more open and true in a very straightforward manner. Low Tides isn’t going to mend broken hearts, but it is going to remind us that everyone is going through something, and there’s some comfort to be found in the fact that we are not alone. This Wild Life aren’t the first band to write from the heart, not by a long shot, but this certainly marks a new start for them.


Low Tides is out September 9th via Epitaph


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