Submariner – The Talking Heads, Southampton || Live Review

Here’s a piece I wrote for Vulture Hound a little while back. Find it on the site here:

The relocation of The Talking Heads in Southampton has definitely served the venue well – easier to find, closer to the train station, open for business more than ever. Bands pour in and out of this venue, both local and those from afar. Last week the venue saw Submariner, an indie band hailing from the South Coast of the UK, celebrate the release of their debut EP, In The Dark.

The line-up consists of some of the band’s local favourites, starting with a solo performance fromTommy Hardman, a young man with a beautifully soulful croon, serenading the crowd into a state of bliss. Next up are Temples of Youth, a duo from Winchester with a sound that fans of Daughter will just fall in love with. An atmospheric intro is followed up with a mesmerising set of powerful, yet graceful ambient harmonies. They fill the room with brooding vocals backed by just the right amount of synth to keep it fresh and upbeat.

Following this are Wild Front, stepping it up a gear with their energetic rhythms and delectable funk infused, indie rock. The room comes alive the moment they step on stage, they’re fun and they’re full of it, with every reason to be. There’s a fine line between confidence and cockiness and this band sit firmly on the right side of this, rocking a stage with the perfect unison of personality and performance.

Finally it’s time for Submariner who, as well as showcasing their latest tracks, play with their older, more recognised tracks too. There is a distinct difference between singles such as ‘Colour’ and those that appear on In The Dark, namely a darker tone for the newer tracks that seem slower, softer and generally more emotionally driven. There’s evidence of growth and movement with the new EP, yet the older songs aren’t about to be forgotten – it’s very much a new chapter of the same well-loved book rather than a totally new, unrelated journey. Submariner are sticking to their guns while amping it up to the next level.

submariner live

There’s something about watching them perform that makes you feel warm inside, perhaps it’s their happy-go-lucky attitude. Though they may indeed be destined for greater things to come, their performance plays as a group of guys are generally just happy to be there. No pretentious thrills, just Submariner doing what they love.

submariner lead

All photography by Rhona Murphy.


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