Music Diary || No.1

Here goes, my attempt to keep looking for new music to love and adore, whether it’s the latest tracks from the big bands, listening to recommendations from friends or just browsing through new artists myself. I’d like to make a new playlist each week with just a few songs I’m loving at that moment in time. It may be that some tracks are more current than others as I may find an album from a band that had previously missed my radar, so if their EP from 2012 piques my interest, then so be it.

My main reason for incorporating this into a blog post is to make sure I actually keep it up, but also to share the love, offer recommendations, and maybe even receive more recommendations from it. I love music, and I love listening to people talk about bands that they love, whether they have done so for years or only found them the day before.

My first week looks a little like this:

Paramore – ‘Hard Times’

I mean, this song is just so fun, right?

Tei Shi – ‘Baby’

Her whole album is amazing but I particularly like this track and I think it’s just because it’s so smooth and seductive. Side note, Crawl Space is such an empowering album to walk to, as well as perfect to chill out in the evening to. I don’t know how it is both of these things, but it just is. Stunning.

Foxing – ‘Night Channels’

This is one of the best recommendations of the year so far. I definitely suggest you watch the music video when listening to it for the first time. The song had barely kicked in and I was already in love. This track is so powerful and I can’t help but play it loud and scream my heart out.

The Big Moon – ‘Bonfire’

As I write this I’m wearing the band tee that I have wanted since way before Christmas, much like I had been waiting what felt like forever for this band’s debut album. I first found them at By The Sea festival in Margate and have been in love ever since. ‘Bonfire’ is one of my favourite unreleased tracks from Love in the 4th Dimension, I had a struggle picking between this and ‘The End’ but I think ‘Bonfire’ just has that oomph to set it apart.

Kasabian – ‘You’re in Love With A Psycho’

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to Kasabian, and there is just a simple air of bliss to their new song. It’s fun, easy going, and so damn catchy.

Sampha – ‘(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano’

The new Sampha record is one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard in a long time and this track is just so wonderfully emotional. A definite must hear. I feel like Sampha can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter your taste in music.

Diet Cig – ‘Sixteen’

I have to admit, I wasn’t immediately hooked on Diet Cig, but now I just adore them. I’ve picked ‘Sixteen’, not necessarily because it’s my favourite song, but because the humour in this track actually managed to make me laugh out loud and that was the moment I realised I loved this band.

Half Waif – ‘Severed Logic’

Another great recommendation, I first heard Half Waif performing on Audiotree and it has been of my favourite sets of the series so far. It was so captivating that I had to stop doing my makeup for the duration of the whole video. Luckily I had got up way too early for work so I had plenty of time to enjoy the whole thing, and I don’t think I would have been able to pull myself away even if I had to.

Mac Demarco – ‘One More Love Song’

As long as Mac Demarco is about, I will always be an indie fuckboy at heart. I love love, LOVE, this man. Enough said. More Mac please, always.

Marika Hackman – ‘Boyfriend’

I’ve always enjoyed Marika Hackman, yet almost as if from the sidelines. She’s an artist who I’ve appreciated when I’ve heard her songs, but I’ve never really got round to having my own Hackman session. However, since receiving my Flying Vinyl box with ‘Boyfriend’ on 7″ I’m definitely going to make more of an effort.

Find the playlist here:



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