Monthly Roundup: Changes

Change, change and more change. March has seen me shift into my meat free diet way more successfully than I thought. I have turned down haribo and was even haunted by a dream in which I was accidentally served bacon. I am so happy to have done this in a way that suited me best; taking my time, learning from friends and most importantly, doing it because I wanted to.

Other changes have included my aim to reduce waste. I have had a keep-cup for a while now but it has sat in the back of my cupboard, forgotten for an eternity, basically completely useless. Now however, it lives in my bag, ready for my no-plastic, 50p off coffee from Pret. The next step was getting rid of plastic straws. Luckily my favourite places either have reusable straws or are implementing paper straws (looking at you Wetherspoons) so it’s going pretty well. Just in case I do get stuck however, I carry my own metal straws with me, as well as my new wheat straw plastic cutlery for on the go, which is SO cute. Yep, I’m getting excited about cutlery now. My only snag is that they sent me a different colour than I had asked for, but hey, it’s still good.

My main inspiration for these purchases came from Bright Zine, a vegan lifestyle mag that I ordered to aid my veggie journey. Turns out it did a lot more than that. With an article on zero waste and some super sweet items listed in their ‘cool shit’ pages, I just loved every page from this zine and can’t wait to get the next one. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking at making environmental changes as well as taking on the veggie lifestyle.

Most of all, March has been an absolute godsend for music! In particular the new album releases from Gengahr and The Magic Gang. I have been listening to both of these on repeat all month and am yet to tire of either one. I have plans to see (and review) Gengahr’s show at The Joiners at the end of April and having heard great things and generally just falling head over heels in love with them this month,I just can’t wait to finally see them live. If the energy that washes over me just from listening to the record is anything to go by, the live performance is sure to tear me apart. Bring it on.

Something else to note in the world of music is Theresa Wayman’s new solo project, TT. The Warpaint women are each amazing in their own right so it’s no surprise that I absolutely adore Wayman’s new work. With singles ‘Love Leaks’ and ‘I’ve Been Fine’, the debut album looks set to be full of romantic melancholy and I am SO ready for it. I recently wrote a piece on ‘Love Leaks’ for Vulture Hound which you can read here.

My Spotify is seeing a lot more action when it comes to playlists these days. One for any 2018 releases they take me in passing, with others for evening music sessions, getting ready for the day and oh yeah, the gym (I’m still working on actually going to the gym more regularly but as long as the playlist is ready, that’s all that matters right?). You can follow any of my playlists here to keep up with what new releases I’m loving as well as any old classics that I still can’t get enough of.

I am still trying to remind myself that I do all this writing malarkey alongside a full time job, so despite not putting out as much work as I would have liked over the last month, I’m learning not to punish myself for it. This is and always should be something fun for me to do and I need to make sure I actually get time to myself, to do things just because I can, and not because I should. Plans for development of course are still in place, like going for a day trip to nearby cities and finding cool places to document as well as looking for weekends away a little further afield. The idea is to use this blog as a tool for more exploration rather than feel the need to do something just because I have this blog. I am working on my timekeeping and planning, as well as trying to fit a desk in my room so that I can better organise myself for it. Sure it’s fun but it definitely needs managing, for my little mind’s sake at the very least.

This upcoming month I have a few trips home, maybe I’ll find something to write about, maybe I won’t. Whatever. My plans are to catch up with friends, old and new as well as finding time for myself with a new book, new music or even some new scenery. Spring is sort of here so it’s time to get out and absorb the sun, keep active and deflect any notion of boredom that comes my way.

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Author: Samantha Mae

Hi! I am a music and lifestyle blogger based near Margate, UK. Forever keeping an ear out for new music, particularly anything of the indie persuasion and always willing to spout on about life in general. Open to collaboration and new ideas, get in touch!

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