One minute I haven’t been home since Christmas, the next I’m on my second trip back to Kent just ten days after the first, with yet another visit on the horizon. Everyone has that month with ALL of the birthdays, and for me that month is April.

First my Grandpops, then my Mum and of course my sister. Oh and the cat. She celebrated her first birthday on the 28th quite suitably with two slices of ham and some catnip.

My mission on the first trip home was to do a lot of catching up. Smashed it mate. Frankie and Benny’s breakfast with Mum on the Saturday morning, followed by pizza and cocktails later that evening – such a treat. Then a chilled out afternoon with Pops on the Monday. I also got to have dinner with my aunt, uncle and some of the cousins. It was quite a short space of time to see so much of the family for the first time in a little while, but I absolutely felt all the better for it.

In other news, it was of course Record Store Day on the 21st April and thanks to Vinilo Record Store, Southampton was finally participating! I was however totally unprepared and so, in my bid to get there early enough to get a free tote bag (for the first 50 people in the queue), but not so early that I would miss out on too much sleep, I managed to be number 51. I was a little mad about it, but then I bought some records and it didn’t really matter anymore.

RSD18: Vinilo Record Store, Southampton

I panicked a little upon entering the store and picked up the first RSD special I could find. Daughter. Now, I love this band and I’m sure it is a beautiful record, but in the end I could not justify it. I cannot tell you how strange it is that I had such a moment of restraint (even if delayed) when it came to buying music. Thank god for friends who will buy it off you eh?

Having sorted out the impulse Daughter buy, I picked up the new Gengahr album, because it was a crime that it had been out so long without my purchasing it. Then, in a relapse to my dangerous record buying habit, I asked around for the Wolf Alice RSD edition of Don’t Delete The Kisses. Now, on the walk home I started to have regrets about buying a record with the same song four times, but you know what, I bloody love it. From the first time I heard it to falling apart when I heard it live, it is just oh so special. Do I even need to say how much I love Wolf Alice? Hell I even ordered a limited edition of Q magazine in order to get an exclusive 7″ vinyl of ‘Space & Time’ and ‘Formidable Cool’. This coming from someone who has the digital subscription to the same magazine and will receive a download of it anyway. Wolf Alice could put anything on vinyl and I’d buy it. Probably.

In summary, I really loved that Vinilo hosted RSD this year and I cannot wait for next time. I will get there early this time though (really, I am not bitter).

Cliffs, Margate

That being said, with a trip to Cliffs in Margate a few days later and some more records purchased (post pay day this time), I realised the importance of supporting the independent stores all year round. RSD is super fun but I am looking forward to continuing to support these stores, rummaging for classics as well as grabbing my fave new releases. Record Store Day every day, let’s always support the locals. Southampton’s HMV store recently closed which is indeed a shame, but let’s not forget the indie around the corner complete with coffee and cake, what’s not to love?!


My second trip home mainly centered round my sister’s 18th. EEK. Younger siblings becoming adults will never not be weird. Just one left to go. Lee if you’re reading this, never grow up, okay?

Yes, my sister is an adult now, a little baby face but still grown up. I am so excited to take her out for a few cocktails, but I think I’ll leave it a little while before going ‘out out’ with her. Having six years between us has never really been an issue but at the age of 24, I cannot think of anything worse than going out with a bunch of 18 year olds, sorry lil sis.

All these birthdays call for the odd ‘tipple’. Particularly an 18th. Add to that a wedding reception, a colleague’s leaving do, and the general night out with terrible tasting cocktails (but incredible dancing), or the night in with good beer and Brooklyn 99, and the tipple becomes a bit of a boozefest. All in moderation though, am I right? Ha. I admit, there may have been the odd occasion where I drank way more than necessary, but with trusted friends around, I’d like to think that  it was somewhat handled responsibly.

That’s pretty much all I have to say for April, but here are a few more small things that I have enjoyed over the month:

Visiting Little Bit Margate and Mar Mar:
These places have been on my Margate list for a little while now and I finally popped in to both during my first trip home this month. Both super cute and SOOO GOOD FOR INSTAGRAM. Basic needs really.

Kate Nash – Life in Pink:

I can’t stop listening to this. Find it on my 2018 playlist on Spotify along with some more of my fave tracks this year so far. I can’t get the link to my profile to work but you can find me on there under Samantha Mae Fisher, so why not check out my other playlists (curated purely for me and generally with no real rule other than ‘oh this sounds cool’).

Gengahr @ The Joiners:
I finally got to see Gengahr live and discovered some new bands along the way. I may have been in major hangover mode after an eight hour shift but it was soooo worth it. I have been listening to Gengahr non stop since the gig and it was so cool to hear all the things I had never noticed before. It has also given me the gig bug again, all the live shows please!

Thanks for reading! Check in with me on Twitter and Instagram and don’t forget to come back next month to see how I’m getting on with 2018.


Author: Samantha Mae

Hi! I am a music and lifestyle blogger based near Margate, UK. Forever keeping an ear out for new music, particularly anything of the indie persuasion and always willing to spout on about life in general. Open to collaboration and new ideas, get in touch!

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