LUSH Summer Favourites

It is no secret that a lot of my cosmetic essentials all year round come from Lush (my absolute #1 being Ultrabland facial cleanser), but I thought I might talk you through some of my all time favourite products for summer.

I am currently super obsessed with face masks so I have a couple to mention. I used to think I didn’t have the time for them but that is complete hogwash. It is the ultimate multi-task essential and I’ve actually found it to make me MORE productive. Not fussed about cleaning your home in this heat? Whack on Mask of Magnaminty while you do so and peppermint will keep you cool throughout the chores. When it comes to rinsing off, the ground aduki beans help to scrub away any dirt and boost circulation, leaving you feeling lovely and refreshed even after wrestling the hoover in and out of the cupboard.


Of course sometimes it is nice to put some time aside in the evening for a face mask and my go to for this has been The Birth of Venus jelly mask. This gorgeous smelling product has become a general staple for my bathroom, but is even better in the summer (I tend to swap it for 1000 Millihelens if I’m feeling something a little stronger). Rose and chamomile soothe the skin while fresh sea water and kaolin tone, cleanse and refresh. Each mask in this range is made with a carrageenan extract to set like a jelly; just rip a piece off, massage into a paste and apply to the face. I absolutely adore these masks, and although they look small, they go such a long way. I think each pot has lasted me around 10 applications for just £6.95. All of the names of the jelly masks make a nod to particular woman in the company, a celebration of feminine power, so bonus points there, right?

Let’s talk shower gels. The minute it starts to get a little bit hot here, I always pick up a bottle of Dirty Springwash. Spearmint and menthol crystals are just what you need to cool down after a long day in the sun (or a long shift in a busy shopping centre). It also has sodium bicarbonate in the mix which helps to deodorise so leaves you feeling funky fresh.

The other shower product I have been loving is the oh so heavenly Oaty Creamy Dreamy. With lavender and oat milk as its top ingredients, this has been my go to shower cream for late night showers or any days that I might just need to relax and give me skin some extra TLC. Even better if you have some Dream Cream to apply after, I’m all about that layering!

As for scents, I have been covering myself in Vanillary perfume. This sweet floral scent is probably one of my most underrated favourites. I find it to be quite simple, but that’s just why I love it in the warmer weather. I’m generally a big fan of I’m Home but its deep scent is a bit much in summer, so Vanillary serves me just fine with a lighter dose of sweetness.


I’m pretty big on perfume so I always have a few on the go, but I’m trying to mostly wear one or two for a few months at a time. Vanillary has been my everyday scent so far, and then on days I’m feeling a bit fancy, or if I’m going out in the evening, I opt for my trusty little bottle of Inhale. This perfume is only available online or in select stores (Oxford St and Poole as far as I’m aware), but is actually one half of the main range scent Breath of God. I find it to be a little more sophisticated, and although deep, not without a light summer air to it. I just absolutely fudging love it.

As far as cleansers go, I continue to use my Ultrabland in the evenings, perhaps going for the lighter 9 to 5 if I’m staying around a friend’s. My morning cleanser changes based on how bored I am with using the same Angels on Bare Skin (in my opinion the one that EVERYONE ought to try at least once) or if my skin is just behaving a little differently. This summer I have found myself using Aqua Marina a lot more as it helps my slightly more oilier complexion while still managing to calm and soothe. It’s not a scrub so isn’t exactly as buffing as I might like, but with the odd Ocean Salt scrub in the week, as well as my face mask companions, I find it works an absolute treat. I have also fallen in love with the scent which can also be found in Milky Bath bubble bar. Even better, this Saturday (21st July), sees the launch of Milky Bar soap among other things, so even more Lush to enjoy!

Now, as it is summer we need to think about the SPF! I do tend to use a sun spray and face mist from elsewhere while I’m out and about but if I know I’m going to be out in the sun all day, I always prepare by addingThe Sunblock to my morning shower. This is a solid sunscreen wash to be used after your shower gel, just like the body butters/conditioners. It is a nice, easy way to protect yourself before leaving the house. I find that it saves time as I just put it on while I’m in the shower already and don’t have to worry about making time for it after drying off. With an SPF of 30 it sets you up for some good time before needing to reapply later on, but don’t forget to top up every couple of hours if you’re outside all day. I use the Powdered Sunshine on my face and scalp because I’m rubbish at wearing a hat, but you can take a chunk of the sunblock out with you in a tin to top up the body throughout the day too. I personally like to buy The Sunblock purely for the shower and keep my non-lush SPF 50 for top ups but that is entirely up to you!


I don’t tend to have many baths in summer apart from perhaps needing some headspace here and there. If I can bear to sit in a hot tub of water I go for the sweet zesty lemongrass of Avobath, with avocado oil to soften the skin, or the ever popular Intergalactic in all of its peppermint glory. Otherwise I’ll just opt for my usual faves when it comes round to cooler September evenings.

Finally, it would not be summer without a trip home and that means having something to take all these goodies back to Kent in. Now while I could just use a bag, I like to opt for a Lush knot wrap as it is something I can repurpose throughout the trip. If I’m going home for two weeks I tend to unpack properly, rather than live out of my suitcase, leaving my knot wrap free to wear on my head if I’m sensible, use for potential picnics and even just use as my own unique bag. My knot wrap of choice this year is the beautiful Energy wrap.


Most wraps are made from recycled plastic bottles, however Energy is 100% cotton. I chose this one as it is a little bigger than others and the material will be nicer for days out on the beach. The design (as well as two more) comes from an art studio that provides a safe and positive environment for artists and designers with Down’s Syndrome. You can read more about Atelier Element Present here.

That’s just a few of my favourite Lush products for summer, I could probably go on for about ten other products at least but these are the ones that come to mind right now. Check in again soon for the next ‘season’ of Lush faves!

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