Listen 2021: Top Tracks #4

This month, and this last week in particular, has been such a treat in many ways. Firstly, we have my new favourites Sports with another new single, along with their latest EP, Get A Good Look Pt 1. It has been a couple weeks now but I still cannot get enough. Secondly, we have my teen reawakening with the return of The Horrors – going back to their Strange House days no less. It got me reminiscing on their varying albums and how much I adore each one in its own way. Thirdly we have the even newer Little Suspicions with a dreamy little indie number – so easy on the ears, I cannot wait to see what this band do. Finally, well, we have Wolf Alice, need I say anymore? Regardless, let’s get into it.

Little Suspicions – Limes

Let’s start with the newcomers. Straight off the bat with this single, Little Suspicions are one of those bands that I consider your typical indie romantics. Smooth talking, poetic charm is in abundance in ‘Limes’ – a tale of utter infatuation with the girl of your dreams.

Having used periods of lockdown as an opportunity to release those creative bursts of energy in the studio, Little Suspicions have certainly made the best of a bad situation. New to the game, they have used their time to flourish into a stellar sound and make a sure fire hit, particularly if The Last Shadow Puppets happen to be a favourite of yours. ‘Limes’ is a classic kind of indie, incorporating modern tones with a retro sixties swing, complete with visions of a dream dolly girl in hues of green and yellow. Pure bliss.

Sports – Call Me Anytime

I promise I won’t write about every new single that Sports release, but it has to be said (again) that they are absolutely a new favourite of mine. Their first single of the year, ‘Look’, gave me funky electro vibes, while ‘Call Me Anytime’ goes a different direction, with sultry grooves and alluring vocals.

It is someone beckoning you over with “let’s go to bed” eyes, a sensual, flirtatious number that I just fell in love with instantly. The slow groove of it all builds up to an exhilarating finish that just makes you want go back to the beginning, because why wouldn’t you want to experience that all again?

The Horrors – Lout

I cannot tell you the speed at which I flitted to Spotify after seeing that The Horrors had released a new song. They are one of those bands I have loved since my teens, and continue to love now – not just for the nostalgia, but also in following their growth as a band. The new single ‘Lout’ gives me a little bit of both, recalling their Strange House days – just with some vastly developed production.

After their last album V, I was expecting something a little fuzzier around the edges, but this return to their industrial side is such a move. It is not that one is better than the other, I would honestly be pleased either way. Still, there is something undeniably magical about this band going back to their roots, all the while showing off how far they have come. This single comes as the title track of their upcoming EP which will be out on 12th March.

Wolf Alice – The Last Man On The Earth

It will come as absolutely no surprise to anyone that my main interest of the week is the new Wolf Alice track. In fact I may or may not have started writing this bit before actually hearing it. Some might call it bias, I prefer to think of it as blind faith. Wolf Alice have been a long standing favourite of mine, so of course I was fully on board with a new single, as well as news of a third album (roll on 11th June). It has been four years after all, so no, I did not need to wait long before writing my silly little words about my silly little favourite band.

There are only a few bands who could make me cry from the first note of a song I’ve loved over and over, let alone a track I’ve only just heard for the first time. Obviously Wolf Alice are guilty of both. When they came back with their second album, it was a brash, in your face return with ‘Yuk Foo’. A loud and riotous tune that you couldn’t possibly ignore. This time it is a delicate ballad; a heartfelt homecoming, complete with a Beatles-esque guitar solo in the middle. ‘The Last Man On Earth’ is a gentle stripped back track, ready to soothe the souls of eager fans everywhere.

Talks of the new album Blue Weekend, suggest some more maturity in song writing, and this track definitely does a top notch job of premiering this. From their appearance on Radio 1 this week, to their activity on social media, it is clear that Wolf Alice are excited, if not a little overwhelmed by the idea of their hard work finally coming out. As big as they get, it is always about the music and what it means to their listeners. Everything I expected and more, ‘The Last Man On Earth’ is absolutely going to be on repeat for quite some time.

All of these tracks and many others can be found on my Spotify in the Listen 2021 playlist, which I will be updating frequently. Let me know your favourite new track!


Author: Samantha Mae

Hi! I am a music and lifestyle blogger based near Margate, UK. Forever keeping an ear out for new music, particularly anything of the indie persuasion and always willing to spout on about life in general. Open to collaboration and new ideas, get in touch!

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