Listen 2021: Top Tracks #5


Alright let’s get straight back to it with a fresh blog update on my latest faves in the world of new music:

Wesley Gonzalez – Change Your Circumstance

Originally recorded for last year’s Appalling Human, Wesley Gonzalez’ latest single ‘Change Your Circumstance’ is a pleasant nod back to the much loved album that delved deep into the psyche of Gonzalez himself. The new single adds another element to album’s narrative, questioning oneself in the face of things around us. It is directly about coming to terms with a friend expecting a baby and being asked to be godfather – in his words, “asking how could someone feel mentally stable enough to ever bring a child into a world I felt so much resentment for”.

If Appalling Human taught us anything, it is that Gonzalez can always take a positive spin on thoughts like this and turn it into something you can dance to. This too is present in ‘Change of Circumstance’, showcasing his way of adding a refreshing air of whimsy to the very real curveballs that life can throw at us, making everything that little bit easier to deal with.

James Humphrys – Let It Out, Keep It In

The Bristol-based charmer strikes again with a brand new single that is full to the brim with pop synth funk and feel good vibes. Sing along and dance to the groove of ‘Let It Out, Keep It In’ as it conjures up a feeling of sun shining down on your skin. James Humphrys creates a sense of fun with sweetly alluring vocals ready to talk you in to getting out and letting go – you can almost taste the freshly poured pint from your local beer garden. He is the voice of everyone itching to get out and back to normal as we remember nights out pre-covid and pledge to never turn down an invite ever again.

‘Let It Out, Keep It In’ is cheerful and optimistic, providing hope for the summer ahead. Simply put, it is the ultimate sunny day tune and I cannot wait to hear it over and over again.

BSÍ – 25Lue

Dreamy fuzzy synth comes in strong with this absolute beauty of a track from BSÍ, as the Icelandic duo bring an ethereal feel to their lo-fi pop. It is chilled out bliss carried by a brooding bassline, which builds up strength towards the bridge, really honing in its power to channel through the body. It is equal parts deep in tone and light on the ears, a perfect balance for an overall calming listen.

’25Lue’ is a track you can melt into, just switch off and let the vocals gently wash over. BSÍ release their debut album Sometimes depressed… but always antifascist on 21st May. Be prepared for quite the range as it isn’t always sunshine and shoegaze – get ready for more grit and punk, you’re in for a treat.

Birthday Girl – Dizzy

More chilled out bliss comes with Birthday Girl’s latest single ‘Dizzy’, this time delving more in to psychedelic post-rock, sultry tones. The Stockholm based four piece create a dream world in the lullaby like single, with a warm air that cradles the listener tenderly in strong arms.

‘Dizzy’ is transcendent with a modern Pink Floyd flair and a solid benchmark for the band’s debut album that we may hear towards the end of the year. In the meantime, Birthday Girl have released a new documentary, Band On The Run which sees the band surviving a tour through the pandemic.

All of these tracks and many others can be found on my Spotify in the Listen 2021 playlist, which I will be updating frequently. Let me know your favourite new track!


Author: Samantha Mae

Hi! I am a music and lifestyle blogger based near Margate, UK. Forever keeping an ear out for new music, particularly anything of the indie persuasion and always willing to spout on about life in general. Open to collaboration and new ideas, get in touch!

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