Track of the Week: Molly Burman – Everytime

[Photo by Dora Paphides]

This week’s top track comes from someone who is very quickly becoming a new favourite of mine. Molly Burman’s songs ooze pure bliss with their bedroom pop energy, all the while tackling relatable and generally exasperating moments of growing up as a woman. Her latest single, ‘Everytime’ delivers a sweet and soothing tone to a narrative of finally finding love and appreciation for yourself.

Despite its delicate sound, there is a strong presence of frustration from the get go, with opening line “This happens everytime”, before divulging in to a series of thoughts and realisations typical to many young women today. It goes through dissatisfaction with relationships and is a straightforward narrative on the superficiality of looking for love and appreciation from others, before finding it within.

Starting with concerns of not living to others’ expectations, ‘Everytime’ goes on to recognise one’s self worth and in these moments the tone lifts significantly. Burman weaves hints of sarcasm and resentment in with her sweet vocals throughout as she talks about “nice guy” and not being surprised. Yet the strength she puts in to holding others accountable is transformed in to a positive energy, as she effortlessly lists off all her traits with confidence, fully embracing it all. If there is one thing of beauty in this track it is the way it gets stuck in your head, leaving you to tell yourself over and over again:

“I think I’m great
A laugh, good date
I’m always kind
I’m there to talk
I’ll run, I’ll walk
Guess it’s your loss.”

Not only is this track a love letter to herself, in a way, it is putting a finger up at anyone who made her feel less than worthy. We go from looking for validation from others – placing thoughts on ourselves in their hands – to recognising the flaws in their actions and displacing any blame that had been put on oneself.

It is a really beautiful track about recognising that sometimes the biggest loss is on the other side of the relationship, and that your top qualities do exist to be appreciated. Whether that be by someone else or yourself, it is a gentle, yet empowering reminder to find time to love your own company. This tone of ‘Everytime’ feeds into the overarching themes of Burman’s upcoming debut EP. Fool Me With Flattery will be released 20th August and if this is Molly Burman just getting started, I am so excited to see what follows.

‘Everytime’ can be found on my Spotify along with many other new tracks in the Listen 2021 playlist, which I will be updating frequently. Let me know your favourite!


Author: Samantha Mae

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