It’s hot and I’m getting old

Although June was not quite as busy as previous months, it really tired me out. Which is strange, because come to think of it, I had a whole month of Saturdays off – quite frankly unheard of. Then again, although this sounds like the dream, I’m a fan of my Tuesdays and Wednesdays off, my mid week weekend; the time I get to run all my errands without the hustle and bustle of weekend shoppers. Not in June though. A whole month of a completely different schedule in this gross, sticky heat…well, I think it may have broken me. Not just because of work, but also because I actually ended up making plans on some of these Saturdays instead of hiding away in my flat and you know, relaxing. As I type this I am remembering just how busy in fact June was. No wonder I’m feeling it.

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One minute I haven’t been home since Christmas, the next I’m on my second trip back to Kent just ten days after the first, with yet another visit on the horizon. Everyone has that month with ALL of the birthdays, and for me that month is April.

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Monthly Roundup: Changes

Change, change and more change. March has seen me shift into my meat free diet way more successfully than I thought. I have turned down haribo and was even haunted by a dream in which I was accidentally served bacon. I am so happy to have done this in a way that suited me best; taking my time, learning from friends and most importantly, doing it because I wanted to.

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Monthly Roundup: Return of the Blog

I have decided to create a little monthly roundup, featuring my general thoughts on life, current favourites (products, people, bands…whatever) and well, just about anything else that comes to mind. Here goes!

This month I wanted to get back to blogging, and I don’t mean just sharing my reviews on here, but actually creating my own, regular(ish) content. One thing that’s important is that I take my own pace and make sure I am doing it for no other reason than the fact that I enjoy it. I changed my theme to help me start afresh, wrote a blog post about self care and now I’m here. I’m happy with that for now.

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I Might Make a Zine?

Not my most creative title for a blog post, but it’ll do. As you might have guessed, I’m thinking of making a zine, hopefully a series. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now, but until recently I haven’t allowed myself any time to really stop and plan it out.

Originally, I wanted to create a zine every few months, to serve as a physical portfolio of my music based articles/reviews. Mostly just to keep my creativity alive by doing something different. Clearly this wasn’t different enough, as several months later and no zine. Time to explore something else.

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Visiting Home Pt II: We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday

I recently took a buzzfeed quiz to find out which seaside town I should visit before Summer is over. I only ruddy got my hometown Margate didn’t I? Not on purpose either, it was one of those one question quizzes – “What beach food do you choose?”. Obviously it’s an incredibly exhilarating quiz, so I shan’t ruin it for you with my answer.

It just so happens I did venture down to Margate this Summer, not once but twice. Sure it’s more to do with my friends and family living over there than its recent boom as a seaside town, but I thought I ought to remind myself of what it has to offer.

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Visiting Home Pt I: Reunions and Celebrations

Ah home, where things change but people (mostly) stay the same. McDonalds has had a makeover but you still recognise all the people that work there. The bar you used to work at is under new management, but the same old regulars still sit in the same old seats, ordering the same old drinks. Fosters for the guy on the corner, a continuous flow of ale for the two sat by the door and a Guinness for the one who is always smiling.

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April has been a busy month. I have moved into my new flat, suffered without internet, borrowed loads of money, visited home briefly. I’ve also generally been lacking motivation, which bloody sucks.
BUT I AM BACK…again. I have a few things to write up, for example, at the beginning of April I took a trip to the Lush Spa in Poole, so keep an eye out for a well overdue piece on my experience – see now I have to do it. I was always going to write about it, but things have got in the way, I have been very distracted, but now I’m back into the groove of writing. I’m even trying to write more for a site called Vulture Hound, they reached out to me a little while back and to say I’ve been a little rubbish at contributing to the site is an understatement, but I’m really starting to miss writing (and well, the opportunities they have to offer) so I’m pretty excited to get back to it. I had planned to write something for Up The Monitors, a site run by a few pals from uni, however the more I worked on that piece in particular the more I wanted to slap that narrative of me in the face. I am hoping to come up with something for them too…at some point, I swear.

That doesn’t mean I’ll be writing here any less, I’ll be aiming to post on here regularly, but will still be working out my routine. I will also continue doing a regular music related post, but instead of isolating it to Familiarise Yourself (which I may extend to the other categories on here), I will be keeping it in line with #musicmondays – at first I wanted to do something different, post about music in my own time. I soon realised I was being dumb and #musicmondays is exactly what I need to be getting involved with.

I just wanted to give an update, mainly because it’ll make me feel better, I mean, I don’t even know if anyone even cares (apart from my Mum, who moaned at me for not writing on here recently – sorry!). Like I said, I’m currently working on some posts and will be looking at new ideas almost all the time – keep an eye out!

Speak soon