SINGLE REVIEW: Netil – Sweet Teeth

Originally posted on Noise Cannon

London four piece Netil – named after Hackney venue Netil House – are a band with beguiling vocals that strike a tone reminiscent of your typical 90s rock ballads. In the midst of this familiarity, the fluctuation in guitar melodies kicks their sound into something that is a lot more current. Their debut single ‘Sweet Teeth’ captures this essence with a blend of throbbing vocals and eclectic instrumentation.

A gloomy riff sits atop a lucid back tone, adding an intriguing depth of sound that bounces back off the listener. Encompassing you in a state of your own rhythmic energy, ‘Sweet Teeth’ is a hard track to sit still to. The layering of emotion stricken vocals only takes the track deeper, enticing you even in the slower moments to tap your feet or twirl your wrists all about the place.

Netil have produced a huge track that’s not only catchy but is both familiar and experimental, easing you nicely into the robust spirit of their fruitful melodies. On 27th September the band will play a live show at London bar Marquis of Lansdowne to launch ‘Sweet Teeth’ which is set to be released the following Monday (29th September). Limited edition copies of the 7” single will be available to buy on the night.


Author: Samantha Mae

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