ALBUM REVIEW: Corbu – Everything You Imagine Is Real

Originally posted on Noise Cannon:

Striking a balance between dreamy symphonies and sharp intergalactic rhythms, Brooklyn band Corbu create a sound that on the surface is relatively simple. Delve a little deeper however and that simple little tune becomes a little more intricate and elusive. Upcoming EPEverything You Imagine Is Real is an array of bouncy synths on top of captivating guitar melodies.

The cosmic opening of Everything You Imagine Is Real inspires a space-age pop aura to come with the rest of the EP, blending a hint of shoegaze with sounds you’d expect to hear in sci-fi shows from the late eighties or early nineties. Initially the vocals aren’t entirely enticing but this just places more focus onto what’s going on instrumentally in the background. Once that otherworldly melody comes into the foreground the vocals compliment the track so well that they are not so much bland as they are non-intrusive. Continuing on with the intergalactic theme is a much mellower following, which is at first seemingly good background music and little more than an instrumental interlude. Lack of excitement however does not attribute to disappointment, the delicate piano is beautiful to behold while some electronic sounds keep it in tune with the EP.

There is more energy to come through with a kicky beat, the return of vocals and the presence of a happy synth. Though this EP isn’t going to get you biting your lip in awe there are little elements here and there to keep you listening. Yes there’s synth but there’s also the light and plucky playing of guitar as well as a voice that just floats along the softly vivacious melodies.

There is some definite soundtrack potential in Corbu, and even the busy tones are delicate and it’s never too overpowering at any point. It’s fair to say this EP lacks some oomph but that’s not always a necessity. Everything You Imagine Is Real is easy listening with a difference. It’s something you can have on in the background yet every now and then you may just pick up something a little different. It’s not hard going and demanding, it’s inviting and soothing and even if delicate isn’t your style it’s a suitable addition to anyone’s collection.


Author: Samantha Mae

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