ALBUM REVIEW: Spiders – Shake Electric

Originally posted on Noise Cannon:

shakeelectric-e1414582318863Guitar driven and full of seveties hard -rock inspiration, Swedish rockers Spiders have shown off their tight skillset with latest album Shake Electric, even if lacking in something new to the palette of guitar-focused music in today’s mainstream. However, it’s not always as simple as whether an album brings something edgy and ground-breaking, sometimes it’s just about pure talent and that’s definitely something that comes across in this album.

Two songs in and efforts to throw something into the mix result in a churning of noise that admittedly, given the right mood, may go down a treat, but it does risk becoming a little bit irritating. That said, the album is by no means a disaster. Spiders most definitely live up to their inspirations and their ability to reciprocate that decade of rock is commendable; there is simply no denying that they know their stuff. It’s just unfortunate that throughout the first half of Shake Electric there seems to be a lack of a certain spark to keep this band in your head after listening. Nevertheless it is with the somewhat appropriately named single ‘Give up the Fight’ that this changes. Sure, it sticks to the main style of those typical seventies guitar sounds, but there just seems to be something that brews up a storm of vitality. It’s just a shame it’s so near the end where many people may have lost interest.

Following this stint of hard-rock the album takes more a soulful tone, with ‘Hard Times’ thus answering all those prayers of a mellow break from all that guitar, though they still can’t resist returning this towards the end and quite frankly, who would blame them when they do it well. At this point their retrospective style has settled in and you’ll most likely be deciding you were indeed born in the wrong decade.

Shake Electric may take a while to kick in, but when it does it completely changes your whole perspective of the album. Better a build up to something big than a disappointing downward spiral, but it still begs for just a pinch of something more to get you going in the first place.

Author: Samantha Mae

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