Tashaki Miyaki – The Dream || VH Album Review

It has been a while since I’ve connected to an album as strongly as I did with Tashaki Miyaki’s debut LP, The Dream. As soon as this album was put forward to the Vulture Hound team for review, I just had to take it. Dream pop? Shoegaze? Yes please. That’s my thing. Even one of the editors said he would have put at least £20 down on me taking it. I can only assume that, as a music journalist, being predictable in terms of music taste is a good thing, right?

Not long after claiming The Dream for my own, yet another dream pop album was put up for the taking. Now I didn’t want to be that person who takes everything from the same genre, but this other band was totally up my street, so… more on that later! With two brand new, so far unreleased dream pop albums in my inbox, I was over the moon, and listened to them both constantly for a good week or so. Then came the time to focus on Tashaki Miyaki, and put my thoughts into words. When I finally sat down and just listened to nothing but The Dream intensely, my heart broke.

This album is the most perfect expression of personal feelings I have ever experienced in musical form. Basically, what you can expect from my review is a whole load of feelings. Read it in full here: http://vulturehound.co.uk/2017/04/tashaki-miyaki-the-dream-album-review/

Seeing as this is an album that really meant a lot to me, I thought I’d include some of the lyrics that stood out the most:

“I want to be out of my head for just one day // I wanna go somewhere else and feel okay” – ‘Out Of My Head’

“Run, or run out of time” – ‘Facts of Life’

“..and I won’t forget you // and I won’t regret you // I just won’t get you – ‘Keep Me In Mind’

“Something is better than nothing // Unless something is nothing too” – ‘Something Is Better Than Nothing’

The Dream is out now!


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