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In the last month or so I have fallen deeply in love with Meadowlark. From listening to their album ready for review, to travelling to Guildford for a live show, my thoughts on this band have gone from “yeah they’re cool” to “omg I just can’t stop talking about them”.

Having been sent their Nocturnes EP back in March for review, I have since written four features about Meadowlark for Vulture Hound. If I haven’t been talking about them in person, I’ve been putting my words out there for all the internet to see.

With my latest two pieces being so close together, I thought I’d put them together on my blog. First is a live review from their show in Guildford. I had initially been invited to their London show, which I would have loved to seen, unfortunately it just didn’t work with my schedule for the week. Nevertheless, I had a great time seeing them at The Star Inn with Sleepy Folk and Me and The Moon. I have also made a promise to catch them at their Southampton show later this year.

Find my live review here:

My most recent piece is a review of their debut album, Postcards. I’ve had this one for well over a month, so to say I took my sweet time with it is definitely an understatement. I remember listening to it on the train back to Southampton after a visit home and tearing up at the brutally honest ‘That’s Life’. I think this was the moment that I realised I was a fully fledged Meadowlark fan.

Based on my initial notes, their latest single release ‘Body Lose’ stood out to me, but at the time I couldn’t pinpoint the reason behind it. However in the days running up to the album release, Meadowlark revealed stories behind each track, and suddenly it all made perfect sense:

“Body Lose is written about that dreaded moment you meet up with someone you used to be in a relationship with, and you realise how for you; nothing has changed. Nothing at all. You still love them just as much as you used to – but now the reality of them not reciprocating that feeling is staring at you in the face. It’s brutal. But unrequited love is almost inevitable in this life and unfortunately it never gets easier. Why do we do it to ourselves?”

The key word there is brutal. That’s all.

You can read my album review in full here:

So, in summary, I love Meadowlark dearly, and I am so looking forward to hearing more from them, bring on that second album already!


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