Music Diary || No.5

It seems that as long as Wolf Alice are releasing new material, I’m ready to write about it. In my last Music Diary, it was the ferocious ‘Yuk Foo’ that sent me to my notepad, writing a track of the day for Vulture Hound. Then, just days after the release of ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ from their upcoming second album, here I am ready to post the next diary. The playlist itself has been sitting privately on my Spotify for a couple weeks now, and covers a bunch of different artists.

The latest release from Wolf Alice is one that I just can’t shake off. It is completely different to ‘Yuk Foo’, trading in the raucous energy for a blissfully wavy song about love. It is also the postcard that I received in their promotional campaign a little while back, so I’m pretty happy about that.

The next band on the playlist are Meadowlark, a band whose name I have probably exhausted both over the web and in everyday life. Nevertheless, I have been waiting so long for people to hear ‘That’s Life’, a track that nearly made me cry in public. It’s about growing up and the loss of innocence that comes with it, a truly haunting track that is both brutal and delicate all at once.

The following bands I have grouped together based on the local music scene. First is Fresh, with ‘Fuck My Life’, a track I haven’t been able to get out of my head. I am also interested in featuring them on Vulture Hound soon, so keep an eye out. Then there’s Redwood and Guillotine, who played a house show near me a couple of weeks ago. Besides getting kicked in the head, having cider poured down me, and getting hideously drunk, the show was pretty damn good. As an added bonus, here’s me looking all moody outside the house at the start:


Apparently this isn’t where my fame ends. I was invited to a music video session at The Joiners a few weeks back for a new Pet Library video, not realising that I’d just be with a handful of people, and would definitely feature in the video. Fun fact, a lot of the end scenes were filmed as songs like Uptown Girl, Africa and Take On Me played. Think about that while we’re dancing along awkwardly:

The rest of my playlist is a bit of a random selection. I put the latest Queens of the Stone Age track on here before properly listening, and it took me a while to really get into it, but it’s a damn good track to play when walking places, I’ll give it that.

‘Some Are Lakes’ by Land of Talk was sent to me one sleepless night and it was just so beautifully blissful, I couldn’t not include it. Then there’s the new Turnover track, ‘Super Natural’, which was another instant addition. The final track featured on this diary is ‘Shut Up Kiss Me’ by Angel Olsen, quite possibly my favourite discovery of the last few weeks. Much like some tracks from Feist’s latest album, this song is so perfectly me that it almost freaked me out a little bit.

Find my playlist here:


Come back soon for more music finds and hit me up at Twitter (@samaanthamae) for any recommendations.



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