Wolf Alice – Visions of a Life

Where do I start with this band? From the moment I heard ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’, I knew I was hooked. It was just one of many songs introduced to me by my boyfriend at the time. Our tastes in music were fairly matched, and he especially had a good ear for bands that I would adore.

As a result, a lot of those bands I now associate with him, and though that’s not necessarily a bad thing, there is a real sense of sweet freedom in my relationship with Wolf Alice. They are always in my mind and I am forever excited by them. They are most certainly one of my favourite bands of all time. This especially came to light when I finally saw them live, at last year’s By The Sea festival in Margate.

I must admit, I was a little nervous about hearing something new from my beloved grunge/folk/pop/whatever group. Those second album jitters. However that was quickly washed away the moment I heard ‘Yuk Foo’ on the radio. Really, with pen and paper to hand, ready for a Track of The Day piece for Vulture Hound, those fears was gone even before that first note kicked in. I had faith in them after all; they could bring something entirely different to the table and I’d love it, because, as corny as it sounds, I am utterly devoted to them.

Through all the different sounds, they stick true to themselves. I couldn’t tell you whether I prefer My Love Is Cool or Visions of a Life, because that’s just not what it’s about. Both albums are brilliant in their own right, but what I did find, is that Visions of a Life shows a lot of growth. It is more personal, and as a result, even more exciting in this moment. It is like a deeper look in to the world of Wolf Alice, and a reminder that I should never have expected anything less from this wonderful band.

My full review of the album can be found here – http://vulturehound.co.uk/2017/09/wolf-alice-visions-of-a-life-album-review/


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Author: Samantha Mae

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