Wolf Alice || O2 Guildhall, Southampton

It is Tuesday, 21st November, finally. I have been waiting for what seems like forever to see Wolf Alice for the second time, to hear their latest album, Visions of a Life, in all its glory.

Despite already having a ticket (free, might I add), I felt compelled to write a review for Vulture Hound, as well as arranging a photo pass for fellow Wolf Alice fan, Alex. In the week running up to the show I wondered why I fought so hard to review them, when I could have got in for free regardless. However, as the night came along, I could not have been happier to write about my favourite band, again.

As the doors open, we go to check our names off the list, only to find out that we have both been given a photo pass. Alex with his camera and talent, me with my phone and pure luck. Safe to say I feel a little out of place, but there is no way I’m missing out on this opportunity. Perhaps I am working on a phone based photography project, who knows? All I know is I am excited and nervous all at once. I want to scream with joy, but I also feel like I might throw up in my mouth. In fact I am fairly certain that if I had been on my own, I may have just laughed the fluke photo pass off and steered clear of whole situation. Nevertheless I decide to take this in my stride to see just what sort of photos I can come out with.

Superfood come on and I am surprisingly chilled out, but I do spend a lot of time sat by the barrier, trying not to get in anyone’s way. There comes a point where I realise that it is not commonplace for the photographers to cheer and sing along as much as I do, then again, neither is being in the pit with just a phone. Tonight is unusual and I am fully embracing it.

Next on are Sunflower Bean, a new band to my ears, with beautiful music and wonderful outfits just screaming to be caught on camera. Again, a lot of sitting by the barrier, but plenty more photos taken this time. I start to wonder if I am really cut out for this, but decide not to worry too much as this is all a stroke of luck and I may as well just have fun with it.

Then it is time for Wolf Alice. A new photographer joins the pit, fully kitted out.


In that moment part of me wants to leave, but no, I have got this far,  I will do this. I stand in the middle of the pit alongside this guy with all the kit, and I am fine. Until, you know, only one of my favourite bands ever comes on stage and I have to steady my shaking hand. I am blown away from the moment they come on stage, to their explosive performance of Giant Peach to close the set. This band are just something else.

I could go on about this gig for hours and still not be done; it toyed with my emotions and left me more in the love with Wolf Alice than I ever imagined possible. I will say that although I love my photos, the quality was not made for laptops, but you can find them on my instagram below. You can also read my review and gaze longingly at Alex’s photos here: http://vulturehound.co.uk/2017/11/wolf-alice-o2-guildhall-southampton-live-review/


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Author: Samantha Mae

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