Where has the month gone?

Never has a month passed me by so quickly as this August. I suppose it has been another whirlwind of activity, both at work and at home, but still I can’t quite believe that we are already in September.

In the blink of an eye I have applied for the manager position in my store and started the process of moving in to a new flat (with any luck I’ll be there in September). Some major steps right there. Having cut my annual trip home short due to other commitments, August has in fact been pretty difficult but it is absolutely not without its high points.

At the beginning of the month I visited home for my little brother’s birthday and enjoyed your typical party food as well as a trip out for a delicious ice cream sundae. Although I wasn’t at home as long as I would have liked I had a wonderful time catching up with family as well as old friends.

I also got confirmation of a guest list spot at Foxing’s show in London, having had access to their album a whole month prior to its release on the 10th August. This was definitely a high point of the month, an impromptu trip to London to see a band that I missed just down the road from me last year. The intensity of passion with which they perform is the most incredible thing to witness and seeing that reflected in the crowd made it even more special.


I can’t possibly put in to words just how much I love Foxing, particularly with the release of Nearer My God, but I made a good effort to in this post from earlier in the month. There has been a lot of talk about NMG being a big old change and as much as this is true I don’t think Foxing have ever been more themselves. I also recommend listening to their mini podcast “Nearer My Pod” (A+ for that title btw) as it really opened me up to them as a band more than ever. I also revelled in the sheer satisfaction of me connecting with their exact thoughts on music in general.

While in London I couldn’t resist popping in to the new Spectrum store on Carnaby St and enjoy a coffee and cake in the most Instagram friendly cafe I have ever seen. I am definitely itching to visit again while it is still around.


By the time I returned to Southampton it was more or less all about work. I got back just in time to say farewell to my manager and meet the intern who is working with us to support the team until a new manager is hired. Change is always hard but I have been so ready for it for a little while now and I shall persevere. Next week (Tues 11th) I have an interview for the manager role and if I am entirely honest I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that this is where I am in life right now. I started my job at Lush because it felt like something fun and now I’m here, realising the passion that I have for the company and finally feeling that typical Capricorn trait that I don’t normally relate to; ambition. It’s scary, but it’s also really blooming exciting.

Do you know what else is exciting? The idea that in September I could be in my own flat. EEEEKKK!!! Now don’t get me wrong, Lucy and Chris are absolutely brilliant flat mates, however I have got to a point where I just need my own space. I’m living a great life sharing a two bed flat with three people, cheap rent and bills are an absolute dream. So maybe I’m a little crazy to throw that away but having my own little bubble is going to be so worth it. Referencing is being a bit of a pain in the ass at the moment but hopefully it will speed up soon so I can do the inevitable and surround myself with house plants. Prepare yourself for lots of Pinterest inspired Instagram shots. #SorryNotSorry

So August was a pretty big month. Not the normal summer break period I’m used to. Following on from last month’s post I have been doing so much more for myself. Occasionally I slip back, but it’s a steady journey. I want to thank everyone who reached out in any way, big or small, it was much appreciated.

August in photos:

The return of GBBO (it’s basically Christmas now right?), kicking the season off with a viewing at Ashleigh’s, including mine and Lucy’s shortbread as well as a surprise firework show with the most perfect view from the living room

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My new fave trousers 
Home 🏡
Home 🏡
Rainham 🚊
Vinilo Record Store
Vinilo Record Store

Finally, here is a little playlist that I quickly put together, featuring some of the music I have on heavy rotation right now, to be updated for the rest of the year:

That was a brief look into a crazy old time. I suspect September will be just as mad; busying myself with interviews, moving admin and a trip to the Lush Showcase in Manchester before nipping back home for my Dad’s birthday. You can keep up to date via my Instagram and on Twitter too. Xx


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Hi! I am a music and lifestyle blogger based near Margate, UK. Forever keeping an ear out for new music, particularly anything of the indie persuasion and always willing to spout on about life in general. Open to collaboration and new ideas, get in touch!

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