It is close to mid October and I am only just writing up my reflections on September. To tell you the truth, this month has left me completely and utterly drained, both mentally and physically.

Let’s get the rubbish bit out of the way. I didn’t get the manager job. Boooo. Although to be entirely honest, a small bit of me was a little relieved when I found out. I am not ready to manage a store, specifically one as big as mine, and although that salary would have been lovely, I am on my way to better things. I received lovely feedback with great promise and with the new manager in tow I will get the appropriate development. All is good. It really is.

Of course it doesn’t take away from the fact that I was on board with one change to be faced with another. Everything happens for a reason though and I am ready to take this new route for the store with nothing but positivity.

Never mind any of that though, because I finally moved in to my new flat! My own space, just for me. It may be smaller than some of the others I saw, but it came with white goods, the building didn’t give me the heebie jeebies and it is in the perfect location for me. Safe to say I love it.


That’s not to say it didn’t come with a lot of stress. A provisional move in date came under uncertainty with the absolutely atrocity of referencing from both the reference company themselves and my old housing agency. They did not make this easy. However I got my keys on the agreed date and moved the majority of my stuff and spent the night on the 18th September. It was a manic few days and I am super grateful for my dad driving up, helping me move and single handedly putting together my new wardrobe. Cheers dad, you’re alright.

I barely got a chance to enjoy my new place before heading off to Manchester for the Lush Showcase, quickly followed by a short trip home. Nevertheless I was more than happy to finally visit Manchester, a city apparently made for me. I am pleased to report that those who said this are indeed correct, I blammin’ love the place and I’m itching to get back there some time soon. Perhaps a birthday adventure. Hmm.


The first night in Manchester was spent at V-Revs diner, where I had the most delicious vegan bbq burger and loaded fries, as well as a cookies and cream milkshake, large of course. I cannot go on enough about how good that food was, definitely glad we made a reservation because as expected, the entirety of Lush seemed to be wanting some vegan delights that night.


Sunday was the first day of the Showcase and though I may have spent three hours in a queue, I had a really great time. It was a wonderful space with TONS of new products, way beyond this year’s Christmas range. I bought some new haircare and skincare products as well as some Lush Swag; in short I spent a lot of money. Oops. Worth it though for a couple of days of Lush magic.

Monday was my day for catching up on things I missed, but even then I ended up catching up on even more on the Lush player app later on. There was just so much going on and it left me absolutely exhausted. Rather than heading back to my flat on Tuesday however, I was back off to Kent for a few days to celebrate my dad’s birthday and go to Broadstairs with my mum for the annual food festival.


I also chose a sofa for my flat which is due to arrive this week and I can’t wait to see my front room come together properly. I had seen it on the website and thought it looked nice but wasn’t sure how comfy it would be. So I took the opportunity while in Kent, with easy access to DFS to test it out and well I just made myself at home right there on that display sofa. Looks lovely, feels super cosy AND allows for some small baskets to slot under for extra storage. I am adulting to the max here, getting excited about furniture and all of its possibilities, but hey, at least I balance that out a bit by dying my hair pink(ish) at the beginning of the month. Times are strange.

One thing I haven’t managed to do is get started on my music project idea that I posted about on Facebook a little while back, but I think I can allow myself some more time. Unless by some miracle I find time to work on it in the next couple of months I think I’ll reserve it for next year, I mean, I am a trainee manager of a major retail company and it is basically Christmas now after all. I am trying to remember to be more kind to myself, sometimes.

September has probably been the most stressful month of the year so far and I don’t really see October being much calmer, but at least I can put some of it behind me and carry on with my head held high.

If you see me around I may be a little stressed and it may even seem like I’m annoyed with you. Just know I’m not, and I’ll be tearing myself up inside for making you think that. I have had lots of lovely words of support from a variety of people, even when I haven’t necessarily felt like I’ve deserved it and I am incredibly grateful. You guys know who you are. Love ya.


Check in next time to see if I got any less stressed in October, but more importantly find out how much I enjoyed seeing Beach House and Our Girl in the space of the week! You can keep up to date via my Instagram and on Twitter in the meantime. Xx

Author: Samantha Mae

Hi! I am a music and lifestyle blogger based near Margate, UK. Forever keeping an ear out for new music, particularly anything of the indie persuasion and always willing to spout on about life in general. Open to collaboration and new ideas, get in touch!

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