Beach House: Electric Memories

It finally happened! I finally saw Beach House live, and I must say, those guys perform one hell of a show. Every note, every vocal, just every little moment was more wonderful than I ever imagined possible. It was a perfect blend of dreamy old numbers and the electrifying new material.

There was a moment where they referred to the crowd; “you guys are the electricity”, and true, Beach House were the ones up there providing the enigmatic sound, but it would be nothing without us, the listeners, the ones who have connected majorly to this band, be it in the last year or right from the very start.

It got me thinking about the first time I ever heard of the dream pop connoisseurs. I was up in Coventry with my then boyfriend, and one of his mates revealed that when he first met me he thought I looked awfully familiar. Him and his then girlfriend both insisted I looked like the lead singer of this band; “have you ever heard of Beach House?”

I had not heard of them back then, but I had a whole lotta faith in this particular group of friends’ music tastes. I also wanted to check out my so called lookalike, so as soon as I could I gave them a listen and thought, hey these guys are pretty decent. That being said, it wasn’t until a good few months later that I got really invested in the Baltimore duo.

One night we were spending the evening at the same guy’s house, chatting shit and listening to music. I think it was the same night we watched a Beatles film too, but what I remember most vividly is a video for Walk In The Park by Beach House. It left me in a dream state, and to this day, despite me not being connected to this particular group of people anymore, it is a strong memory of mine. From that moment I was hooked on the bliss of Beach House and years later that song came to mean so much more than I ever imagined it would.

In short, Walk In The Park is a song that without a doubt takes me to a world in which I no longer exist. I struggle to let go of things, particularly moments with a strong musical connection. So you can imagine that when I stumbled upon Walk In The Park again much later and heard the lyrics “The world that you love to behold, cannot hold you anymore”, I felt extremely fragile. I’m a sentimental old fool and no matter how far I move on, there will always be moments in my life that take me racing back to fond old memories. I mean it has been a long time since that song really hit me, but hearing it live the other night just took me by surprise and it didn’t quite break me, but yes my heart sank and I only just managed not to shed a tear. Sure, I have moved on in life but still, hearing Beach House live is just some powerfully emotional sorcery.

There was even a point last year where I related Walk In The Park to a completely different moment, again drawing on a shared love of Beach House as a band, but in the end that momentary significance faded in comparison to the song’s initial meaning.

When I really think about it, although Beach House takes me back to memories from a past relationship, it seems to be more about times spent with him and his friends rather than the moments we had to ourselves, and I think that’s why those lyrics carry so much strength.

For example, another memory that comes to mind with Beach House is when their single Sparks first came out ahead of the release of album number five, Depression Cherry. Again, I was in Coventry, celebrating a birthday. The occasion itself is less significant however than the beauty of the sun shining across a bright blue sky on a blissful afternoon, as we all enjoyed Sparks together for the first time. It is nothing but an image of good vibes and pleasant company and that’s what keeps it a warm, happy memory.

It made me realise that the intimate moments of our lives are not solely reserved for romance, that in fact many of them can exist merely in a moment of shared passion for something rather than each other, and in this case it is music. It is exactly why I write my reviews the way I do. I don’t care for perfect technique or rights and wrongs, it’s all about how it is consumed in the moment and what that then goes on to mean to each individual.

Though Beach House have come to simply be a band I adore, and I have since met others who share this love for them, they will always remind me of a certain point in my life. For a while it was a little gruelling but luckily these days I can generally look on those times fondly instead of filling with sorrow, and there’s something quite pleasing about that.


Author: Samantha Mae

Hi! I am a music and lifestyle blogger based near Margate, UK. Forever keeping an ear out for new music, particularly anything of the indie persuasion and always willing to spout on about life in general. Open to collaboration and new ideas, get in touch!

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